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Monday, March 12, 2018

7 Tips to Be Less Stressed Before Your Wedding

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Deborah Lansing, Guest Author

It’s no secret that our wedding day is supposed to be a magical and happy time for us as a couple. When we envision our big day, we often picture a perfect ceremony and storybook affair. After all, haven’t we been nurturing this concept since we were young girls and boys?

Unfortunately, far too often, brides and grooms are caught off guard by the stress and anxiety that come along with getting married. Our expectations for a perfect ceremony often clash with reality and the stress that accompanies a walk down the aisle. Thankfully, with a little awareness, we can kiss goodbye those feelings of stress so we can be present in the moment and actually enjoy our weddings.

1. Find some laughter A popular saying we have all heard is, “Laughter is the best medicine”. Surprisingly, this just might be true. Laughing can lighten our moods, stimulate organs, release endorphins, relieve stress responses, and even calm tense muscles. Before the wedding, laugh away the stress by watching your favorite funny comedies, hang out with your besties who tell the best stories, and look for ways to increase your daily laugh count.

2. Write in a journal Scribbling down your thoughts in a journal is a therapeutic way to beat stress and organize your thoughts in the process. A few moments spent writing can allow us time for reflection. This can help us make sense of major life changes and can lead to more creativity, better problem solving, and improve communication skills.

3. Keep everything in perspective One of the bad things about stress is that it makes every decision, even the small ones, feel like it will make or break your wedding. That is why suddenly, we are fretting over frosting flavors, colors, lip glosses, seating charts, weather forecasts, and more.

Soon, these feelings can play with our head and lead to higher levels of emotional stress. If we are feeling stressed, slow down and ask yourself if this issue will really matter in the long run. This tactic will allow us to refocus our efforts and keep our eye on the prize: our committed relationship.

4. Delegate help Many brides and grooms want to reduce costs and personalize their nuptials by doing a lot of the decorating, planning, and arranging themselves. This philosophy is a great way to reduce costs and stay within budget, but it can elevate stress levels. Couples can still DIY, but make sure to reach out to friends and family for help.

Often, we just need to ask for help and our tribe will be more than happy to take over a task or job. A few extra hands can make the work go faster and prevent us from feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

5. Meditate One tip to be less stressed before the wedding is to breathe and think our way to calm. Practicing meditation only takes a few minutes, doesn’t cost much, and can be done almost anywhere. This simple technique gives us the ability to soothe frayed nerves and find our inner peace. If you are struggling with meditation, look online for a guided video or tutorial to help you learn how to breath, guide thoughts, or find a relaxing yoga position.

6. Pamper yourself with a home spa We can’t always sneak off to our favorite spa or salon for a day of pampering. BUT, we do have the ability to indulge ourselves at home. We can make our own relaxing getaway by using scented candles, soothing bath products, calming essential oils, relaxing playlists, and our favorite skin products at home. So when you are feeling down, run a hot bath and soak away the stress. Your body will thank you and your skin will be glowing when you say your vows.

7. Catch some Zzz’s One simple way to reduce stress is to make sure we are getting enough rest and sleep. Getting adequate amounts of sleep is vital in our body’s ability to regulate moods, judgment, memory, and stress.

Studies are finding that we would all be happier and healthier if we could gain an extra hour or 90 minutes of sleep every night. While it might be tempting to stay up late during the weeks before your wedding working on details, make sure you find the time to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to reboot and reduce stress levels.

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