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Monday, March 5, 2018

How To Select The Perfect Wedding Night Lingerie

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Jennifer Saylor, Guest Author

The wedding season is here and all the would-be-brides are busy shopping and preparing themselves for the big-day of their life. It is the time when a lot of things comes to you, from selecting cards, venue, cloths, jewelry, inviting guests, deciding menu, taking care of your body to buying sexy luxury lingerie.

Shopping the perfect and sexy wedding night lingerie items often bring tough time for the would-be-brides. Girls find it difficult to decide what to pick and what not, how to get the perfect fit, color and look for the special night. Well, if you too are undergoing such worries, keep all your confusions aside. I will share a few tips on how you can get your wedding night lingerie shopping done and blow your partner’s mind without much efforts.

1. Be clear in your mind The first and foremost thing that you can do is to be clear on your mind regarding any color, design, fabric or other preferences that you might have. This will help you explain the store attendant what you are exactly looking for.

2. Be open to try out new things Store owners or even the attendants are well aware about the latest trends and also what looks good on which body type. So if they ask you to try out a new design or fabric or anything; don’t decline immediately. You never know, something given a random try might turn out to be the perfect lingerie for your special night.

3. Make all the fantasies real We all have our fantasies for that one special night. Never hesitate to disclose them to your partner. He will be happy to see you open up your secrets and will make all your fantasies real. Similarly he might also want you to see in a certain set of cloths or lingerie on that special night. So discuss and make efforts to please each others in all the ways possible.

4. Concentrate on the fit Fitting and comfort are definitely important when you are out for a lingerie shopping. However, when you are buying sexy wedding night lingerie, it is okay to try the dazzling designs even if you are not habituated wearing it. Buying a g-string or thong can never be a bad decision to please your partner on the wedding night.

If you are not much confident wearing such designs, you can buy two three pieces of it and wear it for a month or two before the wedding. This will make you feel okay with the design and cut. Similar rule applies if you have a habit of wearing only cotton underwear and decide to shift to lacy or embroidered items after wedding.

5. What color your partner loves Well, I am not asking you to buy lingerie in the color that your partner loves. Rather, I am asking you to get a hint on the color that your partner thinks you look good on. You can buy something in that color so that you do not keep wondering whether your partner will love the color of your lingerie or not.

6. Invest some time Never do your wedding night lingerie shopping in hurry. Take out some time from your busy schedule and put a little effort to find out the perfect sets of lingerie for your special night. Shopping takes a little time extra if you are planning to buy something like a robe to cover up the extremely sexy thong or g-stings. Invest a little time extra to get the perfect items for your special night.

Wedding is a special bond where you both promise to be each other’s support and partner for life. Start being the perfect companion of your man from the very first night itself. Know your man and his preferences and choices so that you can pick the perfect sexy luxury lingerie for the special night.

Happy shopping lovely bride!

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