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Monday, March 26, 2018

Planning Your Perfect Intimate Garden Wedding

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Cassie Steele, Guest Author

Arizona is perfect for your intimate garden wedding. It is warm and dry more than 300 days of the year, especially in Central Arizona where the summers are glorious. Having a garden wedding is personal and inexpensive. You will have plenty of time to decorate your garden without paying for venue charges. You can plan your perfect wedding in your home environment and have a day to truly remember.

Don’t let the bugs bite

If are providing a meal or a buffet, food and hot weather often attracts wasps. You don’t want to see anyone get stung, or have the wasps constantly irritating your friends and family. Make sure that you use food canopies to cover any plates that are on the tables waiting to be served. Putting citronella candles on the tables will deter any mosquitoes away from your wedding party too. Alternatively fill mason jars with water and add slices of lemon and citronella oil to repel insects. These look very pretty when they are hung from trees, in amongst some bunting.

Keeping warm in the evenings

As twilight draws in the temperatures can drop quickly. It is important to make sure that you and your guests are warm enough, especially if you are having an evening party out in the open. In many areas, it is not advisable to have campfires, as the Arizona atmosphere is very dry and arid. A much safer and atmospheric alternative is an eco-friendly bio ethanol fireplace. These can be placed outside, and will keep the air warm and comfortable in the cool of the evening.

Seating your guests

You don’t have to have formal seating if you are having a garden wedding. Hay bales covered with blankets are very popular, and you can tailor this to your color scheme. They are not expensive to buy, in comparison to renting chairs. If you are seating guests for a meal, it is fun and quirky to use mismatched tables, simply covering them with tablecloths in complementing colors. Using personal photos to decorate the tables is a lovely way to bring a unique and special touch to your wedding. Friends and family will enjoy discussing the pictures and the memories they bring.

A garden party is the perfect way to have a personal and intimate wedding. You can get married in a place that is filled with natural sunshine and build a great future together.

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