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Saturday, October 3, 2015

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Jane Blanchard, Guest Author

WED-CenterPiecesMany couples are trying to cut costs during the wedding planning process and centerpieces are one easy place to save money if you get a little crafty and do-it-yourself. We love finding all of the unique DIY ideas that brides and wedding professional come up with and are sharing our favorites with you. If you’ve chosen the DIY route for your wedding décor, feel free to get inspired by these creative, beautiful and easy do-it-yourself centerpiece ideas.

Recycled and Gorgeous


This gorgeous centerpiece captures the raw beauty of nature with a sweet feminine touch. Using a basswood or birch slab as your base, top off the wood with a lace-clad Mason jar and twine-wrapped wine bottle. Fresh flowers add a healthy dose of color to this neutral palette, so fill the jar and bottle with roses, baby’s breath and other greenery to brighten it up. All of the materials for this project can be purchased in bulk; and it makes for a great craft night with your bridesmaids! You have to get those wine bottles from somewhere, right?

Gold & Sparkly


Add an ultra glam touch to your tables without the high price tag. Fill a small round vase with water, and then add a heap of thick gold glitter or confetti. Once the glitter has settled to the bottom, stuff the opening with fresh flowers in colors that complement your wedding palette. You’ll have a chic, modern centerpiece in minutes with this simple DIY.

Mossy Magic


These are seriously adorable and really easy to create if you live in area with lots of moss (hello Pacific Northwesterners!). Just fill old cans or jars with some cheap filler (like packing materials), harvest moss from your yard or nearby forest and voila! For an even more unique look this couple covered the cans in vintage wallpaper but we think they’d look great plain too!

Ribbon Lanterns


For a fun bohemian look make some little lanterns out of jars, ribbon and little tea lights. Again, you can coordinate the ribbon colors with your wedding theme or go for a more eclectic look by reusing old ribbons from your craft bin and making each lantern unique.

Book Lover’s Vibe


Hit up a local book sale, thrift shop or rummage sale to find vintage books to make up this unique centerpiece. Top a stack of old hardcovers with a Mason jar of flowers, and you’ll have an easy yet elegant focal point for your guest tables. Bonus points if you use books beloved to you and your betrothed (that means you’ll get to keep them in the family library!).

Mercury & Succulents


Mercury glass is all the rage right now, but the cost of the real thing has the potential to drive up your wedding budget. Faux mercury glass can be achieved in just a few quick steps, and your guests won’t even be able to tell a difference! Coat the inside of a glass container with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, then spritz the wet paint with a vinegar and water solution. Dab at the inside of the glass with a paper towel to distress the paint to your liking. Once the paint is dry, add some fresh flowers or succulents and arrange as you see fit!

Clever Paint Stick Box


Can you believe this beautiful display started as a pile of paint stirrer sticks? This DIY centerpiece is sure to wow your guests, and you’ll be amazed at the simplicity of this project! Just apply wood stain the stirrers, fasten them together with strong glue and a few staples, and you’ll have a fabulous floral display box to decorate as you like. No woodworking classes needed!

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