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Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to Personalize Your Wedding Style

Kristi Charter, Guest Author

Each and every wedding is unique and should reflect the personalities of the bridal couple. It can however be tricky for some couples to know exactly how to stamp their individual style onto their wedding. Here we discuss tips for ensuring your big day epitomises both you and your fiancés tastes.

WEDstyleWhere to Start ~ Starting with the basics, monograms are a fabulous way to create a unique logo for your wedding that sets it apart. The beauty of creating a personalised monogram is that it can be imprinted pretty much anywhere. In particular your wedding stationery is an ideal spot to put your wedding stamp. From your wedding invitation down to your ceremony program and table number cards, your wedding stationery can be used to create a flow on styling effect throughout the day.

Design a monogram or motif that suits you and your fiancé. Perhaps it’s just your initials entwined or maybe it’s your initials paired with a symbol that is significant to you both. Whatever the case, put this logo everywhere! Gift tags attached to your wedding favours, tags attached to straws or even serviettes the options truly are endless!

Another simple way to tailor your wedding décor is to include photos as decorative elements throughout your reception. They can be photos that retell the story of your relationship or simply pay tribute to your family heritage. Some couples have got really creative and created table runners or mats for the aisle that is adorned with photos of them. Others have kept it simpler by framing the photos and using them for table décor.

You could have a collection of photos at the guest book table that feature the wedding photos of significant family members that have tied the knot before you for example parents, grandparents or siblings. Then have a note which highlights these relationships as being inspiration for your future marriage. The pictured family members will be touched by the recognition and the rest of your guests will find it to be a sweet inclusion to your big day.

SweetToothTheming Your Day ~ Picking a theme for your wedding will help you to make all of your styling decisions. To keep things personalised some couples in the past have themed their wedding on their favourite movies, hobbies, sports even the decade they are particularly fond of. Cultures are also a clever way to style a wedding perhaps a bright and colourful Mexican theme or a traditional Scottish wedding with a kilt and all would be ideal. If you love to travel and lead a jet setting lifestyle why not incorporate that into your styling. Consider naming each table after a destination you and your fiancé have visited.

Each table could then be decorated with images of you at that particular location or if you really want to put in the effort decorate the table scape to match that location with motifs and flowers all native to that particular culture. Finding a location that suits your theme so that you can then decorate it accordingly is important. If there is a particular location or type of wedding you have always dreamed about – make it happen! Don’t sacrifice your wedding style in anyway. These days there are many methods to navigating a limited wedding budget. So keep this in mind and do your research.

Navigating Bridal Style ~ As a bride, sticking to your personal style is essential to looking and feeling your best. If a white ball gown isn’t your dream look then don’t feel you have to conform to how you think a bride should look. More brides are now opting for non-white dresses or simple, sleek gowns that they feel most comfortable in. If you don’t like the idea of a veil… ditch it! Crystal headpieces are floral crowns chic alternatives for the modern bride. However opting for no head wear at all is just as stylish.

Not a fan of flowers, skip the bouquet altogether or opt for an alternative. Some brides have walked down the aisle holding their favourite book or even a bouquet made cleverly out of broaches. Family jewellery or heirlooms can be incorporated into your personal style. Brides might wear a piece of jewellery that was their mother’s or grandmothers or choose to add jewellery to their bouquet. For example brides can wrap lockets around the handle of the bouquet or clip in a broach.

archwayDIY Ideas ~ If you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony having a unique archway made especially for the occasion will really wow your guests. Perhaps your husband to be or father are quite handy, if so suggest they take on this fun DIY project. A handmade arch will add a truly personalised touch to your wedding ceremony style. If an archway is a bit beyond your budget or friends expertise all you simply need to create is a focal point to ensure your guests attention remains focused on where the bride and groom stand. Draping fabric, streamers, having potted plants or a table for the couple to stand at or even simply hanging lanterns from a tree might be all you need to do the trick.

DIY projects are the ultimate way to add a personalised touch to any wedding décor. Couples can make a range of unique decorative elements to add their own sparkle to the day. Creating a one of a kind seating chart is a great way to really add interest to your reception décor.
Chalkboard or wooden signs are the ultimate way to personalise your wedding ceremony and reception. Sharing unique messages with your guests, they can give an insight into your relationship and your personalities or simply depict meaningful quotes and song lyrics to set the stage for your marriage.

Personalizing Your Catering ~ The food you serve at your wedding only adds to the style you wish to create. For refined luxury stick with a classic set menu but if you want something more relaxed why not consider serving food family style or hiring food trucks. Couples can also have the best of both worlds by having a traditional sit down dinner followed by late night snacks that are offered to guests towards the end of the evening. Snacks can include mini hotdogs, burgers, fish and chips or even toasted sandwiches.

appetizersBridal couples with big sweet tooths can set up a dessert or candy bar filled with their favourite indulgences. Guests can then enjoy sampling an array of treats loved by both the bride and groom. Dessert tables also make for an impressive styling feature to any wedding reception.

Bride and grooms passionate about their hobbies or careers can cleverly incorporate them into the styling of their big day. For instance teachers could have pencils, apples and chalkboards used to set the scene. While lovers of tennis could have tennis racquet motifs and cute sayings that play up the theme scattered throughout the decor such as ‘Grant scored his ace’.

Signature cocktails will add to the flair of your wedding. Chic cocktails designed specifically for your big day are a clever way to ensure your wedding remains unique to you and your partner. Speak to your caterers or venue bar staff prior to the big day to come up with a cocktail reflective of your tastes, perhaps a ‘his’ and ‘her’ cocktail set up featuring the bride and grooms favourite flavours would be best. Don’t forget to give the cocktail a memorable name – that’s the best part!

A traditional multi-tiered white wedding cake is definitely not the only way to go. As with the other aspects of your wedding some bridal couples are instead requesting cakes that embrace their wedding theme perhaps a cake covered in pink and gold polka dots. Some couples don’t even opt for cakes at all with cupcakes, pies, crepe stacks and even waffles all fun and tasty alternatives. Cake toppers are also a great way for couples to add a touch of personality to their cake. Quote cake toppers and custom made figurines can all be used to highlight a couple’s individuality.

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