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Thursday, May 28, 2015

How About a Foot Massage for the Bride?

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Hey gals, your wedding shoes can make or break your day. Make sure you bring happy feet to the wedding and do everything to keep them happy. Refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes. If you are buying new shoes, remember to break in your shoes before the wedding. Be sure to break ’em in to avoid dealing with blisters. Wedding shoes like any other pair of fashion footwear should fit properly and not be too tight, too small or too big.

If your dress is long, wear some fancy flats or tennis shoes – no one will be the wiser and they are as comfortable as they are stylish. Shop around. Some brides wear wedges to make them taller, and others wear them to save money on alterations. Will you be designer driven or comfort driven?

WEDFootMassageMindy Weiss, a celebrity wedding planner and author of “The Wedding Book,” offers four tips:

• Buy the shoes before your first gown fitting. You’ll need to wear them to each and every fitting to make sure you hem the dress to the right height. It’ll also help you get used to them.

• Don’t wear white shoes with an ivory gown or ivory shoes with a white one. It’s OK, though, to step completely out of the box and wear a bright color (maybe blue?) if you feel comfortable with it.

• Watch out for rhinestones; they can snag the dress. If you really love sparkly shoes, run a piece of delicate fabric over them to see if they cause any snags. If you still want to wear them, cover with clear scotch tape.

• Flip-flops are acceptable as long as the wedding isn’t overly formal. “I’m not a fan of flip-flops, but it’s fine – I’m not against it. It’s time to party and it’s better than being barefoot. Barefoot only works after midnight,” Weiss says.

Stuff happens: heels break, your shoes can make your feet hurt, or you may want heels for photos but sandals for dancing. In any case, bring a spare pair of shoes just in case. Don’t skip the pedicure.

Consider a rejuvenating foot massage treatment on your own or as an add on to another spa treatment. Modern technology has made hand and foot massages more popular than ever. Initial gentle pressure yields to increasing pressure, with circular motions of the thumb and fingers over the sole of the foot, and even more pressure in areas such as the ball of the foot can really feel great when you’ve been on your feet all day and into the evening. Try foot reflexology – This type of foot massage involves the application of pressure with a thumb, fingers and hand techniques to the feet.

Brides, please don’t maintain the illusion that you can wear those fabulous designer heels all night long. They will begin to hurt your feet and impede your ability to hob-knob with your guests. Pack some cute previously broken in flats or some simple white sandals so you can keep dancing all night long.

Grooms: Want to earn a few extra points, pamper your bride with a foot massage. Take your lovely bride to get a foot massage a couple of days before the wedding. Add a pedicure and manicure and it will truly brighten her day. The morning and day of the wedding will be very busy, so make sure there is enough time if you want to schedule something like a foot massage or – better yet – a full-body massage.

WEDFootMassage2Give her anything the bride needs to make sure everything runs smoothly and she stays cool, calm and as stress-free as possible. It’s a wonderful way to invigorate and refresh a bride before she is married to her best friend. This is sure to make her feel very special and loved.

Terrific Idea: One groom I know hired a Masseuse for “foot relief duty” to be at the reception. He invited everyone to indulge their feet and get in line behind the new bride for a FREE foot massage. Just a few minutes is all you’ll need to spend here. That will make your guests feel more relaxed and ready to get back to the dance floor.

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