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Friday, September 27, 2013

Wedding Frustrations That You’re Not Allowed To Freak Out About

Val Vista Lakes, Guest Author

Weddings don’t always go as planned, even here at the award-winning Gilbert, Arizona wedding venue Val Vista Lakes. There are always things that are going to be out of your hands, and many of those things are details that as the bride, or the groom, you are not allowed to freak out about. There are aspects to a wedding that are going to drive you up a wall, aspects that you are allowed to be upset about, and aspects that you are not really allowed to have a meltdown over. Let me explain what I’m talking about…

ValVistaLakesRegistry Gifts

This is a big one, and one that can sometimes show a couples’ true colors. After your Gilbert wedding, and sometimes before, you’ll receive a bunch of wedding gifts in the mail. Many of them will be exactly what you registered for, what you needed, and you’re thrilled. Most of them will not be what you registered for, and will probably be things you don’t need. This is one of those occasions when we say that you are not allowed to freak out.

Someone put their money and time into buying a gift for you, and getting that gift out to you in the mail. Be thankful that they made this accomplishment. If it’s not what you wanted, return it, but thank them graciously and kindly.

DIY Wedding Help

So you want to save some money on your wedding and have decided to go all DIY. That’s great, but don’t expect a bunch of help. Family and friends can typically disappear or get busy when it comes to tedious tasks like invitations, centerpieces and flower arrangements. This is why you need to give yourself plenty of wedding planning time if you’re having a DIY wedding. Don’t freak out when everyone says ‘no thanks’ when you ask for help. Schedule fun evenings with drinks and food where friends can help with invitations.

Sunday Weddings

Sunday weddings are also popular for the DIY’ers simply because they are most often more affordable. Vendors and wedding venues usually have a lesser fee for Sunday weddings. With that said, if your friends and family still have to work on Monday morning and have to leave early, it’s not a time to freak out. They saw the ceremony, danced with you for a song or two, and must be on their way. Your wedding is about you and your partner, and the fact that some guests need to leave early shouldn’t spoil your perfect day.

Social Media

This is another big one for modern weddings, especially for those couples who have a wedding Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter feed. If you supplied hashtags in your wedding invitations and do not provide guidelines for your guests to follow, you definitely cannot freak out should they post unflattering photos of you and your partner.

Your wedding will be the best day of your life, but one of the things you’ll have to come to terms with before the big day is what will impact the outcome of that day. Don’t let anything ruin your wedding day!

Larry’s NOTE: I would add one more…

You’re not allowed to freak out if a friend goes online, gets ordained for one wedding and offers to perform your ceremony for free and he/she totally screws up your wedding ceremony. In this case you really do get what you pay for. If you know someone thinking of doing this or if you are thinking going the “cheap” route, be sure to read: “No Thanks! A Family Friend Will Perform Our Wedding Ceremony!

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