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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unique and Fun Wedding Card Box Alternatives

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The wedding card box purpose is to collect the generous card gifts of friends and family and keep them secure in a cool and stylish way until they could be collected by the bride and groom, or appropriate members of the family or bridal party. The most popular way for a bride to keep track of those special cards is with a card box.


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Typically, they will be placed in an area near the gifts or at the end of the gift table so guests can slip their cards in quickly and easily. And like many wedding day accessories, this container can come in all shapes and sizes.

The wrapped gifts are always just that – wrapped – so there is no need to worry about where to place the gift or if the bride and groom will see it. Cards are another story because they can get lost or stolen easily, and many people don’t know where to put a card. Think about it, would you just put your card on a table, or in a pile of other cards?

cardbox2First of all, your wedding card box really doesn’t have to be a box. The container – or card holder and sometimes known as an envelope box – simply needs to be at a place where your guests can deposit their cards. These cards often include checks, money or gift cards, however, remember, if your guests bring you money as a gift, that‘s terrific but it is NEVER appropriate to ASK for money as a gift.

In planning such a joyous day, you wouldn’t think that theft should be something of concern. Sadly every year thousands of brides report having cards stolen by their own guests, guests of coinciding parties, and staff members. Add to your checklist of things to do: Assign someone to watch over the card box until after the reception.

cardbox1These keepsake boxes serve many purposes. They can hold the wedding guest cards on the day of your wedding, and afterwards become a beautiful keepsake box for photos, dried flowers, your garter, jewelry and assorted wedding day souvenirs.

Some couples get real creative and do it themselves. Some containers can be decorated to coordinates with the theme of your wedding. Some of the more unique glass wedding card boxes can be used after the wedding as an elegant case to display the wedding couple’s cherished wedding keepsakes.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including wedding cake, wishing wells, crystal bowls, bird houses, a mirrored box, treasure chest, cake replica, decorated cardboard box, suitcases, square and treasure box shapes that are sure to give your beautiful reception a unique and personalized twist. All types have some kind of slot or opening for cards to be inserted. While these boxes can be purchased, you can make your own at home.

Why go typical when you can have something extraordinary? Don’t settle for a store bought card box, the outdated styles, or one that thousands of other couples have already used before. There are numerous places on the Internet that offer unique wedding card boxes in every pattern and color scheme you can think of. Choose a card holder box that perhaps you can use after the wedding. Don’t just buy the first one you see. Look around. Do a Google search for: Wedding Card Box.

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