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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Morning After the Night Before…

The day after your wedding can be a time to simply be together… or you can jump back into the fray and charge full-speed ahead ignoring the fact that you have just been through several stressful days and probably could use a rest. Your body, mind and soul need a break!

DoNotDisturbSome couples don’t plan for “the morning after the night before” very well. They have guests from all over the country who have taken time (and expense) of attending their wedding and they feel obligated to entertain them the rest of the weekend. I can understand the need to visit with relatives and guests, but the day after your wedding might just be an opportunity for you both to chill. Make your apologies, arrange to have family do the entertaining and get on with your day… together.

Some couples plan to leave the next day for their honeymoon and leave the entertaining for the weekend up to the parents, etc. One couple I married recently had a limo pick them up at the reception and immediately left for the airport and their honeymoon. This, in my opinion, is never a good idea. The wedding and reception may cause extreme exhaustion. Plus, if you have a rehearsal, there’s the stress of the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, plus the possibility of a hangover or two. Caution: Don’t party hearty the night before your wedding. Both are very big days.

dayAFTERweddingYou may want to read, “When to Schedule Your Wedding Rehearsal…” – this article has some great planning ideas for the rehearsal. The honeymoon is very special so give yourself a couple of days (or more) to rest before you leave, otherwise you may need a vacation after the honeymoon.

Don’t worry if you’re not being able to take a big fancy honeymoon. You have the rest of your lives to make money and take big, wonderful, fabulous vacations. But you only get “one” wedding. Do it well and be happy. Check out my “Honeymoon Check List.”

Some couples postpone their honeymoon trip until after they know they have survived the $$$’s they spent on the wedding. 😉 That’s probably a better idea if you feel you must spend time with family and friends the day after the wedding, but what could you both consider doing the day after the wedding that might get you new life together kick-started?

Some will obviously not agree about skipping the day after entertaining… that’s okay. You get to do what YOU want to do. It’s only and always your choice. Having said that, here are a few suggestions to consider. I suggest 3 specific things to consider:

jumping-on-bed1. Rest – Spend the night of your wedding at a hotel. When you enter the room… head for the bed and do some celebratory bed jumping! Some hotels offers some specials for newlyweds. Ditch you cell phone. Let anyone who calls, leave a message and check your messages when you check out. You may want to tell the hotel to have calls go directly to voice-mail. Handwriting the “Thanks yous” and opening your gifts can wait until later or even after the honeymoon. You are beginning a new chapter in your lives. I encourage you both to make some wise choices.

2. Recuperate – Rest and just be together. Sleep late. Snuggle with your partner. Move slowly all day. Spend time with your best friend… your wife/husband. Only do what your heart tells you to do. Laugh together. Celebrate! Be cool. Take a dip in the pool. Have some fun, this is YOUR day. Order room service. Enjoy each other. Trash the dress in the hotel pool and give your camera to a stranger by the pool to capture the moment. Get a massage and spa treatment – You deserve it! Talk without speaking… this step requires a bed. Utilize the “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. Take this little overture as an opportunity to reflect upon your hopes and dreams for the future.

3. Reflect – Talk, talk talk. Communication is a good thing. Really listen to each other. Be grateful for a terrific wedding. Laugh together about the things that didn’t go so well, e.g., the ring bearer ran all the way to the alter, gave the ring to the best man and ran back to his seat. Do you feel any different since you are now married? Talk about what made you feel loved and special about the wedding. Re-read the vows that you spoke to each other during the ceremony.

At the end of the day, of your wedding day, the only thing that matters is that you have married the man/woman that you love. Never lose sight of that.


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