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Thursday, December 13, 2012

From Duo to Trio ~ “We’re Having a Baby!!!”

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Dr. John Gottman, Guest Author

Parenting Quiz from the renowned Gottman Institute

quizBecoming parents and bringing home a baby truly changes your life and is a joyous experience. It’s important to remember that even the best relationships are strained after a baby arrives – it’s hard work. How are you doing as you transition from duo to trio? Take this quiz to find out and then check out the tips in the new vidoes on how you can nurture your friendship and reignite that spark in your relationship.

1. I feel like my partner and I are a united team when it comes to our family goals and taking care of baby
T – F

2. Our discussions get too heated
T – F

3. There is not enough closeness in this relationship
T – F

babyholdingmansfingers4. My partner is good at soothing me when I’m upset
T – F

5. Even when we argue about child care duties, we maintain a good sense of humor
T – F

6. My partner often expresses appreciation affection and admiration for me
T – F

7. Even though we now have a child/children we still prioritize sex and make time for it
T – F

8. Even though we are busier than ever with children, we still discuss our innermost feelings and don’t avoid conflict
T – F

9. Now that I am a parent, I feel overwhelmed with all the work and being tired all the time
T – F

10. The greatest gift we can give our baby is our love for one another
T – F

11. My partner and I have similar philosophies about balancing work and family life
T – F

12. My partner and I both accept that things have changed since baby arrived
T – F

Scoring: Compute the number of times you checked true. If greater than 5 you are adjusting better than most new parents. If you checked false more than 5 times, you might need some help on learning skills needed to maintain a healthy marriage and avoid the pitfalls of parenthood. Check out the newly debuted GottSex Series: The Art of Lovemaking at

Survey questions from And Baby Makes Three: The Six Step Plan for Preserving Marital Intimacy and Rekindling by John Gottman, PH.D and Julie Schwartz Gottman, PH.D.

JohnGottmanCopyright © 2012 by Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Julie Gottman. Reprinted with permission by The Gottman Institute. Dr. John Gottman is a psychologist and one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of marriage and couples. His research has enabled him to predict, with over 90% accuracy, when observing a 5-minute conflict conversation, which couples will stay together and which will separate. Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman is cofounder and Clinical Director of the Gottman Institute and co-teaches the Institute’s Advanced Training Seminar in Couples Therapy and The Art and Science of Love Couples Weekend Workshop. For videos, products, workshops and therapy, visit and also check out

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