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Friday, February 19, 2010

Goody Bags for “Out-of-Town” Wedding Guests

If you’re getting married, you may be looking for the perfect token gift that tells your guests you’re glad they came. Make your guests smile with a whimsical goody bag. You may want to limit the number of bags by presenting gift bags in the hotel rooms only for your out-of town guests. After a long day of driving or flying across the country, they will feel right at home by sharing with them all your favorite treats and ideas for fun in Arizona or wherever you live.goodybag4

Goody bags bring elegance and style to any celebration. They can be as classy or as plain as you like. It’s what is inside that counts. It’s a great way to personalize your event, and deliver a message of thanks and appreciation to your guests.

Treat your out-of-town weekend wedding guests to a box, small bag full of local treats to a large tote bags with gifts or comfort packages.

Be sure to include a personal message from the bride and groom (with your engagement photo) and give schedules, directions to the ceremony and reception site with addresses, and phone numbers they might need. You may want to have designated phone number for your out-of-town guests to call if they have any questions.

Here are a few examples:

• A local key chain
• Put your special message or photo on M&Ms®
• A favorite local recipe
goddybag2• 2 bottles of water (get creative with the labels)
• A folding fan
• Mints
• Cactus candy
• Anything chocolate
• A Granola bar
• Midnight snacks and munchies
• The wedding itinerary
• Lip gloss
• Anything Heart-shaped
• A small bag of gourmet coffee and a custom coffee mug
• Personalized shot glasses
• A stamped postcard from the area
• Golf tees and directions to the nearest public golf club
• Individual packet of Advil/Tylenol
• A small package of band-aids, safety pins, rubber bands, a small lint brush, etc.
• Personalized coasters with your names and wedding date
• Sweet-smelling soaps
• A scented sachet
• Votive candles
• Something made by local artisans
• Personalized matches
• A gift card for your favorite restaurant
• A list of Churches and addresses
• and miscellaneous forget-me-nots or anything in keeping with your wedding “theme.”

One couple included a couple of pears and wrapped them in a pretty cellophane and tied a bow on the package that said. “We hope you have a wonderful time this weekend! Love, the most perfect “Pear.”

If children will be a part of the guest list, remember to add coloring book, Crayola crayons, simple puzzles, a kazoo, bubble bottles, yoyos, etc.

goodybagGoody bags are available in many sizes and styles, personalized wedding gift bags and favor bags range from small sheer fabric bags for favors.

Most guests appreciate knowing how to get around and information on sightseeing activities in the area. Contact AAA, your local Chamber of Commerce or the Convention and Visitors Bureau for brochures, maps and more. They may have free or discount coupons for local attractions, museums, magazines, etc.

Ask the hotel to take care of making sure your guests get to the guest’s rooms. The hotel may have a free goody to add. These bags can be filled with local treats, comfort items, and literature about your area including local attractions family and friends may want to visit during there weekend stay.

The bride, groom and their helpers have a lot to do to prepare for the wedding, so it might be a good idea to either hire someone to put the goody bags together or assign the task to a willing friend.

Don’t have a creative bone in your body? Not to worry. Ask your bridesmaids for suggestions. Use your imagination! Be creative! Don’t worry about making your favors like everyone elses. Find something that fits the tone of the wedding and reflects you as a couple, and your guests will almost certainly appreciate the thought.


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