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Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Breakfast Wedding… Just to Be Different!

Host a classy event by having your wedding in the morning, followed by a lavish, intimate breakfast wedding reception. One wedding trend that may be raising eyebrows in 2014 is the growing popularity of early morning breakfast weddings. Who doesn’t love breakfast? Mix it up and host a morning wedding, complete with a yummy breakfast/brunch at the reception! This may sound odd to you as most weddings are traditionally held in the evening hours, but why not consider something very unique that will get your guests talking. Different is good. Choosing to wed in the morning allows you to be more flexible in your traveling plans for the honeymoon as well. The ideas to make it a great wedding are endless.

BreakfastWeddingWhy do a breakfast wedding? Many brides are on a limited budget and still want to have a dream wedding but can’t afford all the extras. Breakfast celebrations obviously take place in the morning hours and take full advantage of the discounted “off-hour” pricing that some wedding venues offer. Opting to tie the knot in the a.m. instead of the afternoon can easily save you hundreds of dollars while, at the same time, opening up a brand new universe of wedding decor and menu choices. Morning weddings are over faster. You can nap in the afternoon, freshen up, and party at night again.

What to eat? Consider a breakfast buffet with an omelet bar with an abundance of blueberry muffins, scones, and biscuits. Your menu can include cabin fever maple syrup infused Texas toast to a breakfast bar toppling over with baked goods, including a Texas torte, whiskey butter biscuits with chocolate gravy and tumbleweed muffins. Offer french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, hash browns, tater tots, and corned beef hash and typical breakfast fare. A simple breakfast of assorted tea, coffee, pastries, muffins and bagels also work well. Fresh fruit will add color, texture and additional tasty options.

Decorate your breakfast reception to the nines. Use your imagination. A touch of the South with dinner triangles, cow skull, and enamel kettle and cups! Floral accents such as cactus are a must while an old wagon can be used to display the treats!

People always say they love breakfast so much they can eat it at all hours of the day, right? If you prefer to have your wedding in the evening, why not serve breakfast for dinner? There is something so comforting and lovely about breakfast – no matter what time of day.

“The only clear drawback to a breakfast wedding is that there will probably no dancing, no dance floor and no DJ at a morning wedding. For that reason, it’s important that you have a plan for how you will entertain your guests after the ceremony. I’ve seen Baristas making lattes, cereal, pancake and mimosa bars and guests swinging at pinatas in the past to keep your guests busy during the reception.” ~

CronutsA little early for alcohol? Come up with some drinks that are liquor-light – light on the alcohol. Rather than running up the expense of a bar or even just beer and wine for your wedding reception, serve mimosas as your only alcoholic beverage. Don’t give non-drinkers boring orange juice, make up an exciting mocktail that is as much fun to drink as its alcoholic counterpart. Write the ingredients up on a chalkboard placed near the bar, so everyone knows exactly what they’re drinking. Favorites include a classic Shirley Temple and Tornado Twists. Yum!

Play with dessert. Think outside of the pastry box! Try serving “cronuts,” a dessert hybrid sensation. These flaky, buttery confections were created by New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel. They’re half croissant, half doughnut, and 100 percent delicious. Fair warning: guests will go gaga for them. Scones and jam are good too.

The day would end by early afternoon, giving you enough time to pack up your gifts and head home early to get some rest before that morning flight to your honeymoon.

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