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Monday, September 21, 2015

8 Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding!

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It’s your wedding and you get to say! In my conversations with brides after the wedding, many have told me that they wish they would have skipped some of the smaller stuff so they could have afforded someone who was really great but thought they couldn’t afford them because their fee didn’t align with their budget. Rank your priorities. So, I say to you… Never skimp on what you truly want!

Here are several ways to save money on your wedding without any of your guests noticing.

WED-Save$Cut out the Favors ~ If you have a big wedding, you can spend a lot of money of “personalized” wedding favors. The least expensive way to do wedding favors is not to do them at all. I perform about 70 to 80 weddings a year and recently have noticed that most of the favors are still on the table when the party is over. Most guests won’t miss them.

Reception Shortcuts ~ For most couples, food is their biggest wedding expense. You want to serve something your guests can enjoy, but it’s not necessary to go broke doing so. Go appetizer-only: At an early afternoon wedding, your guests won’t expect a full meal. Serve tasty hors d’oeuvres and save money.

Trim the Guest List ~ This will slash your catering costs and save on invitations and more. Announce your save-the-date by e-mail or phone call. For every 8-10 guests you can remove from your guest list, not only will you save the cost of their meal and bar package, but you will also be able to remove a whole table – including the centerpiece, rental chairs, specialty linen, menu cards, place cards, table number, welcome bags and favors. Keep the numbers down for your wedding party as well: Fewer attendants means less money spent on bouquets, boutonnieres, presents, and transportation.

Skip Anything That’s Not Important to You ~ There is absolutely no reason to purchase something if you truly would prefer not to have it. DIY whenever possible. Utilize discount sites. Do away with aisle runners and programs.

Purchase Flowers by Seasonality, Not Type ~ Work closely with your florist to design your florals based on a style you are looking to achieve rather than favorite types of flowers that may or may not be in season at the time of your wedding. A simple and elegant single stem can make just as strong a statement as a large bouquet. Your florist will be able to offer you flowers you might have never heard of that can help create your look without the excessive cost.

Buy Bridesmaids Dresses in a Department Store ~ If you and your bridesmaids are lucky enough to find a dress you like, in the right color and sizes off the rack in a department store, you might be able to save a bundle this way. Look into stores that are going out of business and ask for a discount price on the last of all of one stock. Bridesmaid dresses are expensive because they are custom and anything custom comes with an increased cost. There is a big opportunity to save here.

Belly Up to the Bar ~ Forget about hard liquor: Hard liquor and mixed drinks cost more than other alcohol. Cut them out and offer choices of beer, wine and soft drinks instead. You can cut this cost altogether by not serving alcohol at all. Consider having a coffee bar with a barista who can whip up espressos, lattes and other specialty coffee drinks.

Hire a “Great DJ” Instead of a Mediocre Band (Emphasis on “Great!”) ~ A great wedding band, like the ones you see in the movies, will cost up to $5,000 and more. Save a bundle by selecting the best DJ you can find who will be professional and can read your crowd. Check references. Skip the friend with a boom-box!

My Best Bonus Tip! Hire an expert to help. Save money by spending it on a wedding planner? It sounds counterintuitive, but wedding planners are not shy when it comes to haggling, can draw from years of experience working with brides on budgets, and have working relationships with vendors – all of which can amount to big bucks shaved off your final bill.

One more thing. A wedding is an incredible celebration. It’s a time to get together with old and new friends to have a really good time. It’s important to be very clear about one thing. The wedding ceremony is the wedding! Most of the wedding details that you work so hard on will be mere memories the next day. Some you won’t even remember. The food will be eaten, the dress put away, the monogrammed napkins crumpled, the flowers wilted, favors left on the table and the party of the year – your reception (intended to celebrate the wedding ceremony) – will be a distance memory. Be smart. The reception is not the most memorable part of a wedding! Even the guests will tell you that. Sure, it’s great to have a terrific party but when you hire the right wedding officiant, the buzz at the reception should be about the wonderful wedding ceremony. Take the time to find the right wedding officiant. I promise… it will be worth it.

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