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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

8 Ways to Guarantee Happy Bridesmaids

Leah Messenger, Guest Author

You may be the star of the show but your bridesmaids need to be happy too! Here are 8 easy ways to keep your best girls sweet throughout the wedding planning process, right up to the big day itself…

WEDBridesmaidsHappyGive them options ~ Present your bridesmaids with options. That way you are effectively giving them their own choice on what color of dresses to go for or what hairstyle to do, but keeping in the restrictions of what YOU want most. If you want them the same, giving them options to discuss means you aren’t the bad guy, and the disagreeable bridesmaid is. Or if you want mismatched bridesmaids, even better! They can form their own look.

Consider their budgets ~ Consider your bridesmaids’ financial situations before you start making them buy their own dresses or planning a hen weekend abroad. They will feel honored that you’ve asked them to be part of your special day, but it shouldn’t cost them an arm and a leg.

Make introductions ~ Set a date night for proper introductions between your bridesmaids. They’re your favorite girls and you want them to get along, so don’t just leave it to the hen night and the actual day. Sort out nights in and nights out so the whole bridal party can bond.

No favoritism ~ Don’t have favorites, or make people compete to be your favorite. No one wants tension or jealousy between the bridesmaids . And if you’re having a chief bridesmaid of maid of honor, make this clear who it is from the start. Then, at the very least, the other bridesmaids have a port of call aside from you if they have any problems.

Think how they feel ~ You can’t forget to think about how they feel. Yes it is your day and you have envisioned it a certain way, but make sure you think about what they might not be saying out loud. Maybe they’re not comfortable in their dresses? Maybe they feel you’re giving them too many tasks? Think about your maids and always ask if they’re okay.

Plan ahead ~ Expecting them to drop everything because you call an emergency DIY craft evening, or have a wedding-related panic isn’t very fair. Organize things like this and let your maids know in good time – if they can make it, great, if they’re already busy, don’t be a bridezilla about it!

Provide alternatives ~ Things like high heels will make you and your bridesmaids look great on the day, but may prove painful by the evening. Provide a comfy alternative like flip flops or flats and your girls will love you for it.

Be generous ~ Shower them with fun and gifts and presents! Organize lots of fun get togethers involving wine and yummy snacks, and spoil them with special bridesmaid gifts. Nothing will make them feel more special than a personal gift from you, the bride, and it will be a perfect keepsake from your wedding, too. Overall, be the coolest bride you can be – treat your bridesmaids well, and they will return the favor!

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