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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Packing for a Honeymoon?

The first question… Where are you going? Whether you’re heading to a honeymoon cabin in the woods or a beach honeymoon in a romantic tropical location, once you have your reservations and your tickets there are several packing tips that can help you create a honeymoon to remember.

Oh, yes. The first tip is don’t plan to leave on your honeymoon immediately. The wedding and reception may cause extreme exhaustion. It’s a big day. The honeymoon is very special so give yourself a couple of days (or more) to rest. Open gifts, write “thank you” notes, sleep late, rest and just be together. When you are fully rested, go for it! Don’t worry about not being able to take a big fancy honeymoon. You have the rest of your lives to make money and take big, wonderful, fabulous vacations. But you only get “one” wedding. Do it well and be happy.

HoneymoonChecklistGet help with the honeymoon. Avoid incurring honeymoon debt and sign up with a honeymoon gift registry. Guests will then be able to buy increments of your big sendoff – a valuable cost-cutting plan. Since you may already have most of the traditional wedding gift items, you may want to offer your guests a popular new wedding gift alternative – a honeymoon registry. This will allow them to help you create the honeymoon memories that will last a lifetime. Check out Travelers Joy Honeymoon Registry.

Notify your financial institutions of when you will be traveling out of the country on your honeymoon. This could save you the embarrassment of having your credit card rejected because the bank suspects someone else may be using your card. Avoid costly curency conversion. Some European merchants and ATMs capitalize on the fact that Americans can be intimidated by foreign currencies. If a merchant or ATM offers to convert euros to dollars while running your card transaction, refuse – you’ll be paying a premium for the conversion. If you are traveling internationally, arrange to get foreign currency of the country you will be visiting from your hometown bank.

beachsandelsAlso remember to leave your hotel accommodation details (room and phone number) and itinerary with your family so they can contact you in an emergency. Don’t take your cell phone. Give it it’s own vacation. While your cell is recharging its batteries, you can do the same. This is a very special get-away for only the two of you. If you must take your cell, arrange with your carrier for international access.

Don’t overtip. Service is often included at restaurants. If it isn’t, a tip of 5 to 10 percent is the norm in Europe. For taxis, round up to the next euro on the fare.

Label your luggage – inside and out – name, address, phone and another address of a close family member, just in case (God forbid) something happens to you. Use your “Honeymoon Leverage.” Many resorts will go out of their way for honeymooners: room upgrades, free bottles of champagne, flowers, a free dinner – these sorts of freebies are relatively common. Some of the upscale international hotel chains have programs whereby travel agents who are members of their program can request a free amenity or upgrade for their honeymoon couples.

When traveling outside the U.S., put your phone on airplane mode. Forget and the phone keeps checking the Internet and e-mail over the cellular network in the new country and you’ll get a huge bill when you return. If you must check e-mail, turn Wi-Fi on and find a Wi-Fi hot spot. If you are taking your smartphone or tablet to Europe, buy an international phone/data package before you leave to prevent costly roaming charges. Short-term plans generally start at $25-$30 and can save you hundreds of dollars.

Don’t be afraid to let hotels or travel agents know that this is your honeymoon: yes, the travel industry DOES market heavily to honeymooners, but you’re much more likely to get a bonus because of it than you are to be over-charged or taken advantage of. A thoroughly experienced travel agent who specializes in your destination can help you get more for your honeymoon budget this way.

Sandals-Honeymoon-160x600Check out weather and climate conditions. Sometimes a beach honeymoon can be rainy and windy, so make sure you know what type of weather to expect. A lightweight but warm jacket, sturdy walking shoes (that’s a must) and a small umbrella, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors. Wear comfortable clothes for honeymoon travel and be sure to carry necessities in a carry-on bag.

Remember your passport if traveling out of the country. Make sure it is up-to-date. If you do not have a passport, allow plenty of time to get one. You’ll want to preserve these memories so pack a digital camera. Pack a few extra batteries and a couple extra memory cards. Check with a travel agent about gadgets to recharge any electronic gear. Electric outlets in foreign countries may be different. Chargers for cell phones, iPods, and digital cameras. Leave home with everything fully charged.

PackingAlthough a good honeymoon means spending a lot of time together in bed, you will need clothes for whenever you want to venture out of your room. Pack a swimsuit and sunscreen. Your honeymoon hotel may include hot tubs or outdoor swimming pools, and you’ll definitely want a suit if there’s a beach nearby. Romantic honeymoons often include luxurious dinners at formal restaurants, which may require a dress and a suit and tie. Even if your plans don’t include a four-star cafe, you will still want at least one dressy outfit for other occasions, including dancing, attending a musical or other honeymoon ideas.

Don’t forget extras. Whether you’ll be gone for just a few days or for a few weeks, the most romantic honeymoons include special touches to make everything perfect. Pack candles, flower petals, perfume and, of course, intimates for a trip you’ll never forget. Make a mix of love songs you and your partner can listen to together. Leave your valuable jewelry at home.

Pack several ziplock bags, all sizes; use for packing wet swimsuits or protecting your camera if it rains. Check the Knot’s Master Honeymoon Checklist for more suggestions.

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