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Monday, June 30, 2014

18 Tips for the Pregnant Bride

Sandra & Harry Choron, Guest Authors

A survey of bridal shop owners indicated that one in six brides are pregnant. In decades past, the pregnant bride was cause for scandal, and wedding ceremonies were typically hushed-up and private, hidden from the raised eyebrows of society.

According to Brides magazine editor-in-chief, Millie martini Bratten, “Today we see so many celebrities who are… pregnant at the alter… so it’s something people are talking about openly.” Pregnant brides now beam from the covers of the tabloids, and more and more designers are catering to the new market for their wares. Here are some tips for those who chose to put the horse before the cart.

PregnantBride1. Ask yourself if you are truly up to the many hours of planning – often stressful – at this time. Yes, it’s possible to plan a wedding in just a matter of weeks, but can you handle the pressure? If you’re determined to make your commitment before the baby arrives keep it simple.

2. Decide early on whether you’re going to hide the pregnancy during the wedding or use the event to celebrate two joyous occasions at once. Let your bridesmaids and guests know what choice you have made. If you’re flaunting it, ask your maid of honor to throw a bridal/baby shower. If members of your family are making the situation difficult talk to them before the wedding and ask that they put aside their issues for this one day.

3. Shop on the Internet to save time and energy. Visit websites and make phone calls before you visit local wedding shops.

4. Save money anyway you can; you’re looking at lots of expenses dow the line. Be practical by registering only for items you really need.

5. Get help. Make lists of all the tasks your wedding will entail, and create a team of friends who are willing to take them on. Or hire a Wedding Consultant.

6. Let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses. Delegate tasks and decisions to those bridesmaids who are closest to you and most likely to make the same choices you would.

7. Choose a Wedding Officiant who will preside over your ceremony and meet with him or her to discuss any religious conflicts.

8. Yes, you can wear white.

9. If you are working with a dressmaker for your wedding gown, choose a style that will accommodate last-minute alterations: lacking ties that can be loosened, tabs i the back that can be tightened of loosened as the growing waistline demands, a flowing style to which panels can be added. Empire waists are popular among pregnant brides (think Gwyneth Paltrow in “Emma“) for their elegance and romance.


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10. Don’t limit your dress shopping to wedding gown sources. Most major designers offer maternity formalwear that is both stylish and appropriate, and in this day and age of anything goes, you can choose any color you like.

11. You fingers will probably swell during the pregnancy, but if this hasn’t happened yet, get fitted for a ring as soon as possible. You might want to use a fake larger ring for the ceremony or borrow one from a friend. If you’re buying a ring when you’re already into your later months, choose a ring style that can be altered later on.

12. Talk to your photographer about your pregnancy and let him or her know how you want your pictures to look. If you want to play down the pregnancy, suggest that photos be take from high angles.

13. Insist on comfort. Choose undergarments that allow you to breathe and move around freely. Say away from itchy lace and restricting elastic. Don’t try to squeeze yourself into styles that just don’t fit.

14. If the ceremony is to be very long, ask the Officiant to have you and the groom seated for at least part of it.

15. IF reception rituals (raising the bride and groom in chairs during frenzied dancing, for instance) pose a hazard, let the wedding attendants know these will be avoided.

16. Make sure your maid of honor keeps your champagne flute filled – with ginger ale. If nausea is an issue for you, ask the chef to have on hand anything you have been handling well.

17. Choose a spa honeymoon that will give you a chance to relax between one big day and the next, preferably one close to home.

18. Wear shoes with a low, chunky heel, but don’t buy them until just before the wedding, as your feet are likely to swell. If you must buy them early, buy them in two sizes – one larger than you normally wear – and return the unworn pair after the wedding. Or buy a pair of fancy heels for the wedding and good old Keds or even thongs (hot-glue a few silk flower buds to each) for the reception.

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