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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Must-Do List for Every Sandals Destination Honeymoon Bride!

Planning your honeymoon at a Sandals Resort? Here’s the latest scoop!

1. Hair and Makeup Trial

SandalsYou’d never buy your wedding dress without trying it on – the same goes for hair and makeup. Although you may know what works for your hair regularly, tropical climates can be a bit trickier. Fluctuations in humidity, temperature and breeze can be challenging for a bride to handle without some serious experience. Trust your stylist and do a trial before the big day. You’re stylist won’t let you leave unhappy. You’ll feel confident on the big day without worrying about whether or not your hair and makeup can stand up to the tropical climate.

2. Digital Photo Album and Videographer

This is especially important if you have family members that are unable attend the ceremony. Your pictures and video will stay with your forever without worry of damage and you can share your memories with generations to come.

3. Private Candlelight Dinner

Experience a private paradise with your brand new spouse under the stars. Weddings are wonderful, but the private moments that you and your love can spend alone are the topper to your wedding cake. Take advantage of your destination location’s private dinner services or have a rose petal drawn bath with ambient candles to set the mood in the privacy of your own room.

4. Sand Ceremony

Similar to the tradition of the unity candle, the sand ceremony is a popular tradition in the Caribbean. Here’s how it goes: Each person choses a color and during your ceremony, you will each pour your colored sand into a decorative jar to signify that you have become one – no one will ever be able to separate each sand color again. It’s a significant way to show your oneness that you can take home with you.

5. Couple’s Massage

Need I say more? Book a couple’s massage to experience a blissful state of mind with your spouse. Many couple’s rooms come equipped with a shower and hot tub so you’re pampering doesn’t need to end with a massage. Not only is it a great pre-wedding practice, but it’s also a fab way to start your first day together!

6. Explore!

Sandals-Honeymoon-160x600You want to ensure your Weddingmoon® is truly memorable so book that once in a lifetime tour and explore the destination of your dreams.

7. Private Transfer

Your Weddingmoon® starts the moment you step off the plane so to avoid any delay in getting started and arrive in style by booking a private transfer for that true VIP service.

Is there anything you should/shouldn’t be doing before the big day?

While you definitely want to avoid the big “No-No’s” like cutting your hair, over doing the sun or drastic skin procedures there are some things you should avoid the “morning of” as well!

Don’t Have that Large Coffee. While a hot double latte sounds like a great idea first thing in the morning … don’t! Wedding day jitters plus a double dose of caffeine equals a really shaky bride.

Don’t drink too much. I know I know… it’s time to celebrate; however you still have a wedding to get through. A drunken bride is not a pretty bride and slurred vows won’t be something you want to see on your wedding video later. Save the champagne toasts for the reception (and the honeymoon).

Don’t Tan in the Can. Fake tan is especially a “no-no” for beach brides who will be taking vows underneath a Caribbean sun and may risk a little perspiration (and a brand new tan streak down the front of their white dress). If you’re bent on having a bit of a tan, try and get some sun in small safe doses in the months leading up to your nuptials or hit up a tanning salon. A light dust of make-up bronzer may be all it takes to give you a hint of color.

Don’t make drastic last minute changes. Pass on making any extreme last minute decisions period. Don’t wake up the morning of and decide to try that new tight curled hairstyle J-Lo had on American Idol two nights ago. Sometimes the desire to change your mind is just pre-wedding jitters or “performance anxiety”. Will everyone love my hair? What if my make-up looks too plain? Stop! Remember your wedding is not a show!

Don’t stress about it! This one may be easier said than done but avoiding pre-ceremonial stress may be as simple as turning your cell phone off. If the thought of no cellphone gives you separation anxiety jitters, then hand it over to your maid of honor to screen your calls and answer on your behalf. The morning of is not the time to stress over tiny little details. We’re sure all the bows on your favor box ribbons will be tied with a double knot instead of one and all your chocolates will be the same flavor. Your guests will not pack up and leave if you’re running a few minutes late and no one will notice their steak came with Idaho potatoes instead of Irish potatoes! Do you want to know a secret? You’re the only one who knows how everything is “supposed to go!” No one will know that your shoes were supposed to be eggshell instead of ivory if you don’t tell them.

The best advice that I can offer to any bride the morning of her wedding is to stay relaxed and think of your fiancé’s face the moment he sees you walking down the aisle. Everything else pales in comparison!

Larry’s NOTE: I have personally visited Sandals Emerald Bay, Great Exuma, Bahamas. It’s secluded within 500 tropical acres along a pristine, mile-long beach, civilized pleasure coexists with exotic adventures, from three impressive pools – including a half-acre, zero-entry pool with a dramatic fire pit in the middle – to seven exceptional restaurants. I never ate better in my life. The service by the staff was exceptional. Click the banner above right for more information or call me an allow me to share my experience!


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