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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why You Need A Wedding Planner For Your Sanity

Janet Marhover, Guest Author

It’s the big day! You’ve booked Val Vista Lakes (Gilbert, AZ), the best wedding venue in Gilbert, Arizona, and you’re ready to say “I Do.” But, the florist hasn’t arrived yet, some people have shown up who were not invited, the mother-of-the-bride is trying, but failing, at setting up the centerpieces, and all you can think about is how you should have called that wedding planner last year when you had the opportunity to get some professional wedding assistance. Unfortunately, it happens, and it happens quite a lot. The unexpected will occur on your wedding day, and sometimes it’s a bit easier to deal with if you have a professional wedding planner handling everything.

ValVistaLakesYou might be thinking to yourself right now, “I don’t need a wedding planner. We can organize everything and manage everything ourselves, and it will be loads cheaper without one.” Sure, you can organize everything and manage everything up to the day of your Arizona wedding, but when that day arrives and you’re worrying about the small details, you’ll be reconsidering that decision.

Let’s take a moment to really think about this. Every great event, from Broadway shows to the neighborhood carnival, has a planner, a project manager – one person who knows the secrets, the tricks, and the most efficient ways to get it all done. A Gilbert wedding planner is just that – someone who can do it all more efficiently then anyone else. They have the experience, and often times they have the know-how to get you a better deal on many crucial elements of your Gilbert wedding.

Connections: If you have the right Gilbert wedding planner, they have the right connections. They know the vendors who will deliver at a good rate. The Val Vista Lakes website features some of our favorite local vendors, and a wedding planner will take those connections to the next step by getting you awesome services or products for even better prices.

Foresight: An experienced Gilbert wedding planner has this amazing ability to see your wedding, in it’s entirety, before you even have an idea of what it’s going to look like. One of the greatest and most unappreciated gifts and talents that a true wedding planner has is the keen ability to see your wedding, in it’s full glory with theme, colors, flowers, attire, music, and so much more, in complete clarity. This insight gives the wedding planner the facility to incorporate new ideas that you’d like in a way that fits into the overall theme.

Skills: If you understand the business of, well, business, you know that one person cannot do it all. There are experts at certain elements in life, and there are amateurs. A wedding planner not only knows who the experts are in each individual task, a great Gilbert wedding planner will cater to each vendors strengths and avoid their weaknesses. It can be difficult to give up control of your wedding, but if you can find a wedding planner whom you trust, whom you can communicate effectively with and who completely understands you and your partner, it’s best to let them to their job. They are the professionals.

Stress: As the Val Vista Lakes wedding coordinator for many years, I can tell you with 100% honesty – weddings can be stressful for the groom and bride. With juggling family, flowers, vendors, fittings, tastings, invitations, seating, and so much more, the stress can occasionally take away from the excitement of the big day. In some cases, even causing young couples to forget the whole thing and run to Vegas. Wedding planning is stressful, so let the professionals do the stressful stuff while you sti back, relax, and revel in the fact that you are getting married!

Copyright © 2014 – Janet Marhover. Janet is the Wedding and Events Coordinator at Val Vista Lake Events in Gilbert, AZ. Val Vista Lakes Events offers waterfront elegance, sunset draped mountain views, green scenery and distinctly personalized service. They are more than just an Arizona wedding venue; Val Vista Lakes offers a classic ballroom for any occasion, from receptions to baby showers and everything in-between. Larry James is one of Val Vista Lakes’ “Preferred Wedding Vendors.”



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