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Friday, July 5, 2013

People Walk Faster When They Are Nervous!

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Music is the pulse of the wedding – it sets the pace and shows off the life and personality of the bride and groom. If you want the music at your wedding to flow smoothly… hire a “professional” disc jockey!

“There’s a reason we use the words “professional wedding DJ” and not just “DJ”. There is a huge difference between the occasional wedding DJ (the ‘weekend warrior’ that has given the industry a bad name) and the full-time professional who customizes and personalizes every wedding s/he does.” ~ DJ Ron Michaels, Ron Michaels Weddings

No_ipods!It is never wise to count on your iPod to provide the musical entertainment at your wedding reception. They are a greatest invention since the TV remote, and have revolutionized the way we enjoy music, but they are not the best idea for weddings. They are a lot cheaper than hiring a DJ, but if you want you wedding and reception to be memorable for all the “right” reasons, nix the iPod.

The problem comes when you want to have one song as the Wedding Officiant and the groom walk down the aisle, another for the seating of the mothers, another for the bridal party, etc. To complicate things further, trying to time each song exactly to each walk down, can be a disaster. Believe me, it rarely works out.

People tend to walk faster when they are nervous. That means that the timing is seldom ever exact. You most likely will have to practice more than several times at the rehearsal but when the ceremony begins… well, that’s another story. A well organized wedding rehearsal should not take more than 30 minutes if everyone arrives on time – ready to rehearse.

Don’t try to time the music down to the second if you are bringing your own music. It doesn’t work. Even if you don’t want a DJ, you still need a microphone and someone who will make announcements, such as alerting everyone to when the bride and groom will cut the cake or when the bouquet will be tossed.

Couples may often ask a trusted, sober, articulate, and reliable friend or family member to manage the music transitions during the ceremony. Others may use a laptop to sidestep some of iPod players’ limitations, such as an iPods’ 2 or 3 second pause between songs and are unable to fade down and into the next song. You may have to rent a PA system/sound equipment and your friend will need to learn how to use it before the reception. All of this detail is too much for most amateurs to handle plus if just gives you something more to worry about when you should be focusing all your energy and attention on the moment at hand.

While it’s true that DJs will use an iPod or computer to play the music, it is always connected to other equipment that allows them to careful control how the music is played. They can also pre-program the music in advance based upon your personal selections. A DJ can help make a wedding flow smoothly, emcee the wedding reception, and makes sure that people are out on the dance floor having fun. And… most important, you can’t always count on technology, so it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. DJs always have a back-up and a plan B if something does go wrong.

A professional DJ can cross-fade the music to make it work or fade in or out when the mothers reach their seats, etc, then fade-in the next song. When the DJ does it, it sounds great. A DJ does a lot more than just push play, and if you don’t plan ahead, you might end up with poor sound, the wrong songs, or technical difficulties!

When iPods first came out I had a wedding where the couple hired a harpist for the ceremony music but relied solely on their iPod for the reception. When they plugged the iPod into the hotel’s sound system… disaster! It didn’t work. All audio connections are not created equal. They failed to test out the hotel’s system and speakers. The result? No music for the introduction of the bride and groom and no music for nearly 50 minutes while someone set a new land speed record rushing home to get a boom-box. Talk about memorable.

Some wedding venues will not allow use of an iPod, because they have seen first hand the disasters that can occur. Using your iPod costs little or nothing if you already have a digital stereo system to plug into or, as is also becoming more common, you have a venue that provides a digital interface for its sound system.

PROdj3NEVER hire a $50 Craigslist Special – a guy who is a “weekend wonder” who downloads music illegally to pad his playlists.

Greg Tutwiler, professional DJ, offers a few things your iPod can’t do, but your DJ will:

• Consult with you about your specific tastes
• Show up in advance with all of the necessary equipment
• Start appropriate music long before you arrive at the reception
• Work closely with other professionals at the reception to coordinate timing
• Anticipate unforeseen events and changes in the format
• Monitor the lyric content for questionable language
• Control the volume for appropriate levels
• Make announcements, introductions, and keep your guests informed
• Read the dance floor and discern when a shift in genre’ is in order
• Take requests and dial up that special song at a moments notice

If the music at your wedding reception is going to be an important component and you’re considering using an iPod – please think again. I personally would never recommend an iPod wedding to anyone if you want your special day to run smoothly.

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