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Thursday, May 30, 2013

On the Way to Your Wedding Day

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Sheryl Davies, Guest Author

Planning that once-in-a-lifetime celebration is all about attention to detail with couples showing their individuality and signature-style. Through the years, while some things about weddings change, others remain exactly the same. While the past is fondly remembered, this year, the present is important too! Save the date cards, self-written vows, mismatched bridesmaid dresses and eco-friendly touches are all new additions to this upcoming wedding season.

something-blueVeils, cakes, the first dance, champagne, lace, tulle, something old, new, borrowed, blue, and wedding photographs have all remained constant, in an ever-evolving wedding day. New social media such as Facebook and Twitter and the online personalized bridal widgets and web casting of the ceremony in real time, highlight all the couple’s news and the wedding day festivities. But this season’s focus is on retro chic and the Hollywood days of glamour.

The vintage glamour look continues this year, and is continuing strong as the Great Gatsby opens. There’s a breath-taking ambiance to today’s weddings. The “something new” could be hair extensions, while “something blue” can be the sky over a Jamaican destination wedding. Honeymoons are all-inclusive and brides and grooms are gravitating to luxury resorts with their amazing meal packages and opportunities for many different adventures..

The traditional black tuxedo is back for the gents and for the bride, it’s all about accessories; gloves and pearls. The bird cage veil and the emergence of bridal hats and the bouffant or French twist hair styles, make for an elegant look. The inspiration comes from the sophistication of the 50’s and 60’s. Strapless wedding gowns are as dominant as they have been in the past, and, they will quite likely continue to be in the future, but expect to see sashes of all colour tones,high waistlines, detailed backs and ribbons and bows. Gold is back for engagement and wedding bands after an absence of a few years, where silver was prominent as the metal of choice.

Invitations range from fun to fancy formal, and some even have illustrations of the bride and groom illustrated in pencil sketched artwork. Look for vibrant colours that match the wedding’s theme such as regal purple, turquoise/raspberry, as well as the traditional and elegant colour scheme of black and white.

firstdanceBrides and grooms are revamping their first dance with a routine that is a medley of songs, replacing the traditional first dance of the reception, which in 2013, is just called the “party”.

Weddings are elegant with a lot of character. For comfort you’ll find wedding venues with comfy couches and living room settings, set up for the ceremony and reception; adding increased comfort and cosiness for the guests. Sit down dinners are still in style, but look for cocktail receptions with a supper club feel- cocktails- think, martinis, Manhattans, old fashioned cocktails and big band sounds.

Wedding cakes continue to be tiered, but the trend is to more white cakes with butter cream or fondant icing, topped with an heirloom antique cake topper of a bride and groom. Colourful macaroons are replacing cupcakes. Dance floors are adorned with custom vinyl monograms of the bride and groom’s initials. And look for special lighting, which amps up the décor of the reception site, adding warmth and atmosphere.

On this special day, couples want their signature style shining through. The possibilities are endless! From sheer whimsy to the outrageously breath-taking, today’s couples are style-makers and it shows!

daviesCopyright © 2013 – Sheryl Davies. Sheryl Davies is a long-time wedding industry veteran who has seen the changes but also knows why they came about. She has published “The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County” since 1990. She hosts radio shows for her clients on Visit Sheryl’s Blog and Facebook page and



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