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Monday, March 11, 2013

For the Love of DIY Wedding Flowers!

When working with fresh flowers, make sure that you select blooms that are full of life, insect free and with plenty of healthy leaves. Here are a few other things to consider:

bouquet• To prolong the life of the flowers keep them in containers that have been cleaned with a mild bleach solution then rinsed will with water before use.

• Store the flowers in a well ventilated area free from smoke and car fumes.

• Warm water will open buds and closes flowers, cool temperature slows down the development, adding longevity to the arrangement. Excessive temperatures can damage the flowers.

• Use floral preservatives (available at florist shops and craft stores) these keep the flowers looking fresh and inhibit the growth of bacteria which can reduce the flowers water intake.

• If you order long-stem red rose buds for the “Rose Ceremony,” be sure to have the florist attach the small water bubbles on the end of each rose. Timing is everything, especially when it comes to buying red roses. Marrying around Valentine’s Day? Expect a significant increase in the price of a single stem.

If you are on a tight budget use lots of greenery. Greenery is inexpenvise and will make a great filler and you will use less flowers.

bouquet2Choosing highly aromatic flowers for centerpieces may sound like an amazingly romantic idea, but it will drive your guests insane if they are prone to allergies. Be sure your bouquet isn’t too fragrant – you don’t want to be sneezing down the aisle! Some of the most fragrant flowers include freesia, lilies, lilacs, tuberoses, gardenias, and lilies of the valley. Go lightly on these blooms.

Try using potted plants and shrubs such a ficus trees which can be rented.

Couples tend to see the centerpieces and the table setting but do not visualize the whole reception room with their guests in it. For example, couples pay for a reception room with a wonderful view of the scenic surrounding and want tall, large centerpieces that will obstruct this view or the view of the guests on the other side of the table.

You may even have your own fake trees at home, or you could borrow from friends and family. These will look charming when lit with tiny lights.

Since some wedding venues tend to decorate their establishments anyway for the holidays, you can get away with buying fewer decorations yourself. The drawback? Holidays can also drive the prices of some popular flowers higher. Nearly all flower prices, especially roses, go up the first two weeks of February and then again weeks before Mother’s Day.

bouquet3Let your florist source local blooms, not just ones you pick out of photographs. Flowers from nearby farms are more affordable because you won’t have to pay exorbitant shipping fees, plus they’ll always be fresher and more vibrant.

For bride and bridesmaid bouquets, we recommend a simple selection of fresh cut flowers and greens. Sometimes having only the same type and color of flower without fillers and greens makes bouquets more exclusive and the bride looks more elegant.

The boutonnieres can use some of the same flowers or colors used for the bride and bridesmaid bouquets. They can be made with a single flower or a flower and a little bit of greens (e.g., letter leaf, gypso, solidago, hypericum). The stems need to be cut very close to the head of the flower leaving some space to tighten the flowers and greens. Use floral tape or twine to wrap the boutonnieres and add a little cloth pin to the back of each boutonniere.

Regardless how much money you try to save on flowers, your blooms will likely take up a significant amount of your budget. One of the best ways to cut down on floral costs is to use the same flowers for both your ceremony and reception, which essentially halves your total floral expense. This is easiest to do if you’re getting married and holding the reception at the same location.

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