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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Accuracy of Your Wedding Guest List Helps You Stay On Budget

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It’s never too early in the wedding planning process to start talking about your guest list. Setting a realistic budget always comes first. Who is paying for the wedding?

guestlistIf your parents are paying the bill, you should talk to them about how many people they want to invite; some sensitive negotiation may be necessary here if they have 100 people, but you wanted to have a small wedding or vice versa. Depending on how much you trust your parents, letting them list out everyone they would ideally like to invite to the wedding gets everything out in the open.

Next, who is so important that you can’t imagine getting married without them there? Take your time on this one. Cuss and discuss it with each other. The size of the wedding venue may limit the amount you can invite.

The biggest mistake that guests often make is not returning RSVPs. Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding knows the importance of a punctual RSVP — from plotting your seating chart to giving the caterer a final headcount, it’s hard to proceed without a firm grasp of who’s coming. After about 10 days it’s time to give them a call. Recruit your maid of honor and several others in the wedding party to help you with phone duties if you’re really struggling with missing RSVPs. Or, better yet, send out a group e-mail (be sure to use a blind CC) saying that you need to know by a specific date if they’re planning on attending. Keep the tone nice, but firm.

RSVPWhen you put your deposit down on a venue for your wedding it is a good idea to have an accurate account of your guest list. It is easy to assume that you think you know the number you are going to invite but when you finally sit down to start listing the guests, it can change and usually increases. This can impact your budget. is a free website that allows the bride to add, edit and delete her guests. You can start out with just the name of the guest but you can add the address, e-mail and phone at any time. Of course, phone and e-mail are optional. The website does have the ability to e-mail guests in different ways. If you know the e-mail, it doesn’t hurt to list it. Even if you want to stay with the traditional snail mail invitation, there may be other reasons to e-mail your guests. If an emergency happens where you have to postpone the wedding, it is easy to go in and e-mail the guests with this change.

The site keeps an accurate account of the headcount before and after the responses come in. The website includes the bride, groom, their children if any and the host and family. They often get forgotten when adding the number for meals. Meals become the big expense. There is a place to track seating and tables which is so appreciated by your venue.

The website, has a check list and a budget planner. It has a way to print invitations from 7 different free themes. It prints invitation envelopes along with response envelopes. It has a place to keep track of your gifts for thank you notes.

Copyright © 2012 – SAM S Sites. SAM S Sites is the owner and website designer/developer since 1995 for When she became the mother of a bride for her only daughter she started and decided it was a great tool for brides and planners. She now shares it with the world.

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