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Saturday, June 16, 2012

There is Only One…

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One what… you may ask?

I’ll get to that.

#1Recently at the Greater Phoenix Bridal Fashion Debut – the largest Bridal Show in America – I had a bride and groom come by my booth. It was a couple that I had married previously about 4 years before. Here is what they said.

“Larry, you are on incredible human being [at which time I blushed!]. We met you at the Bridal Show about a year before we finally decided to hire you as our wedding officiant. We liked you, your personality and everything about you the moment we met you but we decided after out initial interview with you that we would look around at other officiants before we made up out mind. Boy, did we waste a lot of time. You kept in touch by giving us a list of tips about weddings, honeymoons, and a whole lot more rally great information. Your wedding blog was a godsend. You called from time to time and were never a pest because you always had something to share that was helpful to planning our wedding and in our search for the right officiant.”

As they were telling me this, several couples walked up to get my brochure and business card. Before I could say anything to them, the couple I referred to above turned to them and said:

“You really need to hire this guy! He married us about 4 years ago and our guests showered us with compliments about our wedding ceremony. We looked at other wedding officiants but we never found anyone who was more helpful to us than Larry James even after 5 months of not knowing whether we were going to hire him. He told us of new ideas that would make our wedding better. It was incredible the great ideas he passed along to us. All that made planning so much easier – not just about the ceremony but he delivered the total package telling us that by doing some non-traditional things it would keep our guests interested and make out wedding more memorable. He was right! As a result, planning our wedding was so much easier than we expected. There is only one Larry James! Hire him. He’s the best!”

I looked at the two couples who had just walked up and said, “I could not have said it better myself!” ūüėČ

einsteinNow you know. There is only one Larry James.

One bride I spoke with recently admitted, “I’m such a novice at weddings I don’t even know what questions to ask.” If you have questions about weddings… call me. I will do my best to answer your questions or lead you to someone who can. No obligation. I promise.

My philosophy is always about service – giving more than what is expected – whether you hire me or not.

Larry’s Note: My “romantic” wedding ceremony is no secret. It’s on my Website. Anything – I really mean ANYTHING that you don’t like, I will help you change the words or you can take it out. You always have the last word about what is said in your wedding ceremony. No exceptions! Click here for my ceremony!

BONUS Article: Interviewing a Wedding Officiant? ‚Äď Bring Lots of Questions!

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