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Monday, June 4, 2012

Why Do I Need a Wedding Video?

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Wedding Officiant… check! Dress… check! Flowers… check! Photos… check! Video… Hmmm…

So often brides and grooms-to-be overlook the importance of having a wedding videographer capture the moments of their wedding. But why? Is it because we are haunted by the stereotypical idea of a wedding video shot by Uncle Bob? Or is it because we don’t consider it a priority?

VideographerWedding couples usually say that photos suffice in capturing the memories of the day and that video is unnecessary. Photos are great but video allows you to relive your wedding day as often as you like, anytime you like. A wedding video is like a “time machine.” It is inevitable that your wedding day will move in high speed and become a be a blur for you and your parents.

Picture the bride getting ready. How could she possibly see all of the other things going on around her? Her groom with his groomsmen before the ceremony or the many people waiting for her to make her big entrance. Only with the help of video can this be made possible. Imagine the excitement of sitting down together as a couple and seeing the parts you missed.

A wedding video is a very simple solution for making sure all the memories remain after the gifts have been opened and the flowers long wilted away. I never want a bride and groom to have regrets, so I always approach the topic and present my thoughts on why it is important to have a video to seize the day.

A professional wedding video should tell the story of your wedding day. Using creative camera work, a keen attention to detail, and artistic editing using music, the right blend of effects and transitions, the professional wedding videographer will produce a video you will watch often and be proud to show others.

With video, you can see so many details and moments that may have been missed in real time – body language, facial expressions and the moment guests arrive, to name a few.

wedVideoTop 5 Reasons a Bride Needs a Video! – by Carl Anderson of Princess Bride Cinematic Videography

1. To relive, in both visual and professional sound, her vows of love to her groom, (and his to her)!

2. To remember how beautiful she looked on the day (in full HD quality)

3. To hear her once-in-a-lifetime speeches and toasts

4. To share her love story with her future children

5. To have the best gift she can give to herself and her husband on every anniversary: the gift of her wedding day on Video.

Besides this, video has come a long way in the past 25 years since Princess Bride Cinematic Videography first started: with Blu-ray technology and HD cameras, we can provide her with her wedding memories on a format that will make her look and sound as good 25 years from now as the day itself. Video is the best long-term Investment a Bride can make for her wedding day! A true video is a memoir that will last for future generations.

Tell Uncle Bob to leave his handy cam at home and come and enjoy the wedding. Give him another job if you want him involved in your wedding. Couples who have their family members or friends videotape the day, have been disappointed because they have run out of batteries, missed very important moments, taken shaky or bad footage and basically produced a video that they are not proud to show.

Larry’s Note: A very special “Thank you” to Sarah & Carl Anderson of Princess Bride Cinematic Videography for his contribution to this article and excellent work on the video below. Visit his Website: Arizona (Greater Phoenix Area & Tucson) and Minnesota (Twin Cities Area). – 5 Stars from Larry James!

To watch a video which highlights all the main events from Tasha and Brian’s destination wedding at Sassi in Scottsdale, click here!

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Sarah & Carl Anderson

Photo Credit: (Couple watching video) – Pittman Productions, Chicago.

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