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Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Remember Your Wedding Anniversary

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Celebrating a wedding anniversary is both exciting, fun and romantic! It’s a celebration of your love for one another. Make it special. It’s also an opportunity to look back at your wedding day and assess how far you’ve come as a couple. Make it an anniversary week. Celebrate more than just one day.

AnniversaryRewind to your wedding. Dig out the wedding photo album and reminisce. Talk about how you met, your dates, engagement, wedding and honeymoon. Watch your wedding video. Have a private dance on the back patio to the music of your first dance on your wedding day. Get away from the busyness of life and take time for the two of you. Make it a week-long celebration.

Everyone knows that your wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date your wedding took place but sometimes it can be forgotten. That could cause a stressful situation and is never a good idea.

Most people have a daily planner or a family wall calendar. Make sure you mark your wedding anniversary in your planner, and make sure you write it in BIG letters with “hearts” around the date so you will remember. Also note what anniversary (how many years) you will be celebrating.

Make notes to yourself in your smart phone, iPod, and your computer. Plan ahead. Don’t just log the date, post a reminder at least a month before so you can begin to make special plans to celebrate.

Some online anniversary reminder services will let you log the anniversary date and will send you an e-mail reminder about a week or two before your anniversary. Click here!

Listen for hints of ideas something special that your partner may like to have as a gift. It’s okay to drop some hints. Sometime guys don’t know what to do. Put your wedding photo on the coffee table the week before your anniversary. Wedding anniversaries, like other celebrated days, are worth putting some time and effort into making that day something to be remembered.

On the wedding day you can give each other gifts. Below you’ll find some traditional and modern gift ideas for each anniversary year.

1st Year
Traditional gift – Paper
Modern gift – Clocks

2nd Year
Traditional gift – Cotton
Modern gift – China

3rd Year
Traditional gift – Leather
Modern gift – Crystal/glass

Guys: Don’t wait for her to say, “Do you know what day it is, dear?” She will forgive you, but she won’t forget it.

4th Year
Traditional gift – Fruit/flowers
Modern gift – Appliances

5th Year
Traditional gift – Wood
Modern gift – Silverware

6th Year
Traditional gift – Candy/iron
Modern gift – Wood

7th Year
Traditional gift – Wool/copper
Modern gift – Desk sets

8th Year
Traditional gift – Bronze/pottery
Modern gift – Linens/lace

9th Year
Traditional gift – Pottery/willow
Modern gift – Leather

10th Year
Traditional gift – Tin/aluminum
Modern gift – Diamond jewellery

Keep the fire alive by recreating your honeymoon! If you never took a honeymoon, plan a trip to somewhere you have both always wanted to visit. Make a bucket list of exciting things to do on each anniversary for the future. Call Larry James for some exciting news about a romantic honeymoon at Sandals Resorts. Larry is a Certified Sandals Specialist.

Renew your wedding vows either privately each year in the quiet of your home or in an official renewal ceremony to mark a 5th, 10th or more anniversary. Involve the entire family. Every couple I marry receives a copy of their wedding ceremony on parchment paper. If you have the words from your ceremony use them to reaffirm your vows or make some new promises to each other.

Never, ever forget your wedding anniversary!

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