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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How About a Wedding in the Round?

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I love new wedding ideas! I also believe that in order for you to have a memorable wedding it is often wise to break with tradition and do something different.

Recently I introduced another of my bright ideas called, “A Bright Idea for Seating the Parents of the Bride and Groom!” which certainly breaks tradition. Every bride and groom I have shared this idea with loves it. I am finding that the guests love to come to a wedding where they will not be subjected to a lot of out-of-date traditions. So here is another great idea.

Although a “Wedding in the Round” is not a totally new idea, it is a very refreshing way to arrange the seating at a wedding – with a modern twist. There’s not a bad seat in the house. You could almost say that everyone has a front row seat or “the best seat” in the house. It avoids the hierarchy of rows and rows of seats. It also provides a unique panoramic view for each of your guests. It truly represents the ring of love.

Outdoor settings are ideal for weddings in the round. This idea certainly creates an interesting ceremony environment. Seating in-the-round is always fun because it gives everyone a chance to get a close-up view of the bride and groom as they walk into the “circle of Love.” It’s a great time for the guests to take photos. A round seating arrangement can help the guests feel closer to the couple and ensure that they can hear and see the ceremony. It allows them to see your tears, hear your excitement and feel the love. It also creates a feeling of romantic intimacy for the bride and groom in that they have the feeling of being surrounded by family and friends.


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The happy couple stand in the center of the circle and are surrounded by all the love and support of all your family and friends. They become the absolute focal point of the wedding ceremony.

A platform can be placed in the middle of the circle upon which the bride and groom can stand with the wedding officiant. Someone doing a special reading also comes to the platform.

MichelleDurpettiEventsOne version could be the the wedding officiant and the groom walk into the circle together and the bride walks with her escort (usually her father) to the center of the circle.

Another version could be that the wedding officiant walks in first and the father escorts the bride to the entrance and groom awaits the bride at the circle’s entrance and together they walk around the entire inside of the circle so they and their guests gets a front, side and back view of bride and groom.

roundweddingTo accommodate the bridal party, simply make the inner-circle bigger. Some couples have the bridal party be seated in the inner-circle instead of standing so everyone can see while the ceremony is being performed. Others prefer to have the wedding party stand in one of the four aisles that you see in the photo above.

A seating arrangement that creates a 4-way entrance leaves your guest in suspense. Which aisle will the bride enter? With four different entrances, the bride can select her aisle separate from the bridal party.

The inner-circle become a sacred space for the wedding ceremony. The parents of the bride and groom are always seated in the center closest to the bride and groom. You can place reserved signs on the seats for the parents and grandparents.

imgfave.comSo that everyone doesn’t have to see only the backs of the bride and groom, the wedding officiant – at various times during the ceremony – can rotate the positions of the bride and groom so everyone will get a good view. The circle arrangement also encourages no empty seats – which shows up well in the photos. Ushers can ask the guests who are entering to please walk all the way to the center, leaving no empty seats.

Ask the wedding officiant to add a few words to the ceremony that refers to the significance of the circle – represented as a continuance of an unending love; similar to the symbolism of the wedding ring; an unbroken line that has no beginning and no end. It emphasizes completeness and unity.

A wedding in the round is a fun and different way to showcase your ceremony and what a wonderful way to provide a 360 view for your guests!

Photo credits: Top 2 photos by Larry James. Third photo from the bottom (right) compliments of Michelle Durpetti Events, Chicago. Photo with couple in the middle, Studio Mathewes Photography, Baltimore.

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