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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Hot New Wedding Registry Idea! – Cash Only, Please!

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It used to be that gift registries were the norm, however with the average age for marrying on the rise, many couples have already established households and have accumulated everything they need before they get married, and really don’t want to end up with two toasters, blenders, etc. Many couples are shelling out a serious sum of cash for their wedding themselves, and the idea of money for a honeymoon, down payment on a house or simply some spending cash to put toward the expense of a wedding is more appealing.

Most will agree that it is no longer considered tacky to request money instead of household items as long as you do it tactfully. The first few years of marriage are often full of surprise expenses. If a couple is in need of cash, my opinion is that it is a great idea to ask for what they really need.


Honeymoon in Rocky Point, Mexico

It is considered tacky to speak of anything other than requesting their presence at your wedding in a “wedding invitation.” That is a definite no-no! Asking for cash as a wedding gift can be touchy, particularly when it comes to etiquette conscious or older guests, who may not feel comfortable giving anything other than a traditional wedding gift.

When people know where the money is going, they tend to feel a lot better about the act of giving cash at a wedding. They will often ask the members of the bridal party and your immediate family for your registry information. Clue the members of your bridal party and family to respond by saying, “The bride and groom have a registry at Crate & Barrel (or wherever) however they request that you go to to contribute to the savings plan they have for a down payment on a house because they have just about everything they need to set up housekeeping,” (or: “The bride and groom have a registry at Crate & Barrel however they request that you go to to contribute their ‘honeymoon fund’ (or: ‘replace our dilapidated car fund’) because they have just about everything they need to set up housekeeping.”

If you are looking for the best wedding registry for your wedding, you found it. CashWeddingGift helps you get the gift you really want. It’s an online cash wedding registry where guests can easily and securely give cash gifts to engaged couples. Use your cash gifts to buy a home, help pay for your wedding or honeymoon or even start a retirement or college fund. is the fastest and easiest online cash wedding registry available. It’s convenient, safe and secure.

“Nowadays, with family and friends living across the country and at various stages in their lives, it’s definitely acceptable for a bride and groom to ask for gift cards or cash. It’s a great way to make it convenient for the guests and easy on them. I don’t think it’s tacky, whereas you can ask for gift cards on your registry, as far as cash, just be polite about it. You usually want to spread it by word of mouth. You definitely don’t want to put ‘cash only’ on your Website and you never put it on your invitation.” ~ Anna Post

Be sure to include any user IDs or passwords that guests will need in order to give a monetary gift via your chosen cash registry website.

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BONUS Video: Is It Bad To Ask For Money As A Gift From Your Guests?

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