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Friday, September 30, 2011

Spit Out Your Gum. . .

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. . . and 11 more tips to make your wedding photos great!

1. Lose the gum BEFORE the ceremony and certainly while the photos are being taken. 😉 It’s more difficult to get a great smile if you’re thinking about where to park the gum, eg., under your tongue, the roof of your mouth, etc. Gum chewing while you’re being photographed on your wedding day is a no-no.

smile2. As you are walking down the aisle, be aware of the photographer. Take your time. You may want to slow down a bit. It’s your big day. Show that you are happy! SMILE!

3. As a Wedding Officiant, I always arrive early to tell the photographer that he has my permission to go anywhere he needs to go to get a good photo. Most photographers like to stay out of the way however, there are times when it’s best for them to move in close for a moment or two. Be sure to let them know that you are okay with that.

bicyclewedding4. Never be afraid to shine and go with the moment. Let your emotions show on your wedding day. Whatever you feel, let it out. Wear your best smile. If you feel yourself getting a little emotional (by the way, it’s okay to cry at your wedding), wipe the tears away and get back to smiling. Bonus Tip: Remind the groom to have a clean handkerchief in his pocket and have a small tissue tucked in the center of the bride’s bouquet just in case. If the bride tears up the groom can take out the hankie, offer it to her or dab the tears himself.

5. Hire the best, most creative professional photographer you can afford and trust them to do a good job. It’s best not to rely on family and friends to take photos. First, they want to be at the wedding to enjoy your moment, and second, if they are not pros, the kind of photos you will receive may not be the best. At the reception, keep the disposable cameras away from the children otherwise you get photos of the floor, and worse. Have the MC remind the adults that they may take as many photos as possible and to leave them on the table at the end of the evening.

6. Sometimes the groomsmen will want to wear sun glasses. Never during the ceremony. Their eyes help make the smile they are wearing shine for the photos. A really fun Bride or Grooms gift to their bridesmaids and groomsmen are custom sunglasses. In their wedding colors or even monogrammed, they also make for some great photo ops after the wedding.

WeddingBouquet7. Avoid “white” roses for the bridal bouquet. They are beautiful, however all roses symbolize Love, but their colors have special meaning. White roses offer little contract against the bride’s white dress. If you plan on having a rose bouquet, use the list below to choose the shade that best matches the feeling you want to convey.

White – innocence, purity, secrecy, reverence and to honor those who are deceased
Red – Love, passion, respect and courage
Yellow – Joy, friendship and freedom
Pink – Happiness, gratitude, appreciation and admiration
Cream – Thoughtfulness, charm and graciousness
Orange – Admiration, fascination, enthusiasm and desire

8. When exchanging rings, don’t be afraid to turn towards each other, or even towards your guests. Take your time. This in not a moment to rush through. Even though the wedding officiant will continue to speak, you do not need to be facing him/her. Tilt the hand receiving the ring toward the camera.

9. Make the kiss last a lot longer than you usually do. Two reasons: the photographer doesn’t know when that moment is coming and you want to be sure they get a photo of the kiss, and second, the guests love it. They will usually begin applauding and you may hear someone say, “Get a room!” 😉 Some couples don’t like showing affection in public. Let this one day be the exception.

weddingshot10. Prepare a photo list. Give your photographer a complete list of all the photos to be taken after the ceremony; the names of the brides family, siblings, grandparents, and the grooms family, siblings, wedding party, etc. If your intent is go take photos at or near sunset, losing light can be a problem. Appoint someone familiar with your family to be in charge of finding these people and getting them to the photography location as quickly as possible. Remind everyone to stay near the ceremony site for photos after the wedding and to listen for their names to be called. Tell the groomsmen that you will save them drinks so they don’t start drifting toward the bar.

11. Before the wedding, professional makeup is a must. After the wedding and before you begin to take photos, the maid or matron of honor should have a make-up kit handy to help the bride freshen her make up.

12. The smallest adjustments in posture can make such a huge difference! Try these simple tweaks for a slimming effect:

• The lower the bride holds her bouquet, the thinner she will look.
• Turn your body to a 45 degree angle from the camera
• Lift your chin slightly up and out
• Put all of your weight on your back leg
• Lean in a little with your chest

Relax and have fun. It’s a great day! If you’re stressed or exhausted, it’ll show. Get plenty of rest the night before your wedding. I encourage brides and grooms to schedule their rehearsal dinner two days before the wedding instead of the night before. This gives you a day of rest and an a opportunity to energize yourself for your wedding day. Be funky, outrageous and outwardly emotional. Allow your photographer to capture those emotions, you will treasure them. Remember, your mood will always be reflected in your photographs. Trust your photographer – you’re paying a professional for a reason!

There are many other photo tips too numerous to mention. Spend some time with your photographer and ask them for their best tips.

Having said all this, FORGET about the camera and just have fun!

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