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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Choose and Order Your Wedding Cake

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Olivia Nicholas, Guest Author

What could be more special than a beautiful wedding cake as the centerpiece of the bride and groom’s reception after the ceremony!

cake1Wedding cakes are a long standing tradition, but did you know that the very first wedding cake tradition was actually a fruitcake? While that is no longer the case, today’s wedding cake is still a very special part of the day and is something the couple needs to plan for in advance.

First, what kind of cake do you want? Are you going to order it from a bakery or is a friend or relative making it for you? The answer to that may be budget-related, as specialty wedding cakes can be very expensive. If a wedding cake is ordered from one of the many places that do fancy or themed cakes, they can cost hundreds of dollars and be ordered months in advance! Don’t worry, there are cakes to fit everyone’s budget whether you get them at the grocery store bakery, a specialty store or have a friend make it.

cake2If you do go to a bakery or specialty shop, they will probably have a catalog with pictures of wedding cakes to choose from in many different styles. You can also try out cake flavors to see what you like best. This can be a fun undertaking for the couple as they get to try out everything from vanilla and chocolate to exotic flavors like raspberry, lemon or even Oreo cookie! If you have the traditional layered and tiered cake, each layer can be a different flavor if desired.

You also need to have a number in mind as to how many people will be at the reception and how many are likely to be eating a slice of your wedding cake. Bakeries will use this number to figure out how big the cake needs to be.

When you set out to start looking for your perfect cake you should probably browse several different bakeries to check their prices and styles. Or, if a friend is baking your cake, you can check out books, magazines or online wedding websites to get ideas. You will want your cake to go along with your wedding colors and theme, so be sure to keep that in mind when picking one out.

cake3Besides the flavor of the cake itself, the frosting choice is also important for more than one reason. Is the cake going to be sitting out for a few hours or is it going to be brought in right before the cake cutting event? If the cake will be sitting, then the icing needs to be a type that doesn’t melt or go bad if not refrigerated. For example, a whipped cream style frosting needs to be refrigerated, while butter cream or royal or fondant may not have to be kept cold.

Another aspect to consider, do you want plain cake or one with a filling? Some wedding cakes are made with yummy fruit or cream fillings; it all depends on what the couple wants. You can try out different cake and filling flavors at your cake tasting. Don’t be afraid to cut from the norm and try something new and interesting.

What if you want a bakery cake, but need to save on the budget? There are ways to go about this. For some reason, bakeries seem to charge much more for a wedding cake than for something like a birthday cake. One way around this is to simply ask for a price list of cakes, but don’t tell them it is for a wedding. Then, you can do something like get a huge and nicely decorated sheet cake for the guests and a small round layer cake for the bride and groom to cut. The small round cake could even have a topper on it as usual. Nothing says you have to have a huge, expensive tiered cake, and this strategy can save you a lot of cash.

All in all, your wedding cake should make you and your spouse happy (and a bit hungry). Don’t let anyone try to talk you into something you don’t want or can’t afford. It’s your special day! Your wedding cake should reflect that and make you both happy.

Photo Credit: All 3 cakes were made by Let Them Eat Cake Inc. in Phoenix! Call my friend, Barb Gardner at 602-952-5272.

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