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Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to Host a Unique Bachelor Party

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Andrea Boley, Guest Author

You’re tying the knot and the days of bachelorhood are coming to a close. Commemorating these days is usually capped off with a bachelor party consisting of booze and bimbos. What about something less traditional and a little more you to celebrate your send off into the world of wedded bliss?

Sporting Events

A sports enthusiast would appreciate an outing with all his pals to watch the match of his choice. From baseball to tennis to NASCAR, the options are almost endless. Buy tickets for everyone and arrange seating together at the event. Maybe have the groom’s name and the occasion announced over the loudspeaker or displayed on the scoreboard. Depending on the sporting event, you could follow up the game with a tailgate party or a night cap at a neighborhood sports bar.

Guys-gone-crazyFor those who want to get their hands dirty, staging a game or tournament might be the perfect send off. T-shirts in different colors to designate teams could also commemorate the event. A barbeque and a keg could follow the game and you could even toss in a trophy for the winning team. This makes for a warm, casual get together

The Great Outdoors

Bachelor parties don’t have to be restricted to one night. They can be weekend getaways. We’re not talking about lost weekends in Vegas like the movie “Bachelor Party.” These are weekends spent doing something you enjoy with your friends. A camp out that focuses on fishing, hiking or white water rafting might be the perfect getaway and put the groom in a relaxed frame of mind.

Other activities that work well with this plan are horseback trail rides, motorcycle getaways and rock climbing and repelling adventures. Pick the date, tell guys and pack your gear. Then set off for your bachelor getaway that promotes bonding and solidarity. It’s you, your friends and the elements.

Arts and Entertainment

For those whose pastimes don’t pertain to sports and physical activities, there are a whole host of other options. Take in a play at the theater and follow it with a late night supper at a bistro. Take the gang to a concert given by your favorite musician and make a night of it. Score some backstage passes and the evening could be a real memory maker.

bachelorpartySchedule a day at a museum to see an exhibit you’ve been longing to see. Think out of the box. You could visit the Burlingame Pez Museum in California, the UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico or the firefighting Hall of Flame in Phoenix, AZ. These may be out of town trips for you but what a great way to celebrate.

Wineries and microbreweries are all the rage. You could arrange a tour for you and your friends. Hire a limo or a luxury bus with a driver so no one has to worry about driving. Set up a list of wineries or breweries to visit in the geographic location of your choice and spend the day sampling the fine wares of these establishments. Many serve food so you can take breaks to eat lunch and dinner. Some offer nightly entertainment and even cabin or bed and breakfast style accommodations where you can sleep off the day’s activities. Many are situates in scenic locations where you can enjoy breathtaking views while you indulge yourself.

Larry’s Note: Traditionally, a guy’s bachelor party is his one last chance to get out, hit the town and act carefree before the wedding. CAUTION: Throwing a stereotypical bachelor party involving boobs and tons of booze no longer cuts it these days. It should NEVER be a night of drunken debauchery at a strip club followed by a long night praying to the porcelain god. 😉 I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fun, however activities of the groom should be things that he would never be ashamed to tell his future wife. Starting a marriage by keeping secrets from your future wife is a very bad idea! Andrea’s suggestions are far better than having naked women be a part of your bachelor party. If there will be drinking, hire a Limo or party bus so everyone will be able to make it to the wedding rather than sitting in the slammer with a DUI charge looming over their heads.

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