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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wedding Dress Shopping and Your Entourage

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Mrs. Hancock, President and Founder & Amy Bacon, Wedding Division Head, Guest Authors

Shopping for that special dress is such an exciting time! Of course, if your friends were Drama and Turtle (from HBO’s show Entourage), you’d be in and out of there in a jiffy; however we know the truth of the matter. Here are a few tips that will assist you and your Bridal Shop owner have a fantastic shopping experience:

1. For the very best service, please make an appointment! Call your Dress Shop owner, make an appointment and ask if it’s alright if you bring 7 people with you. Space may be at a premium; with perhaps a lack of seating. We’d prefer to see you bring only 1 to 3 others and have that small entourage be comfortable. Comfort is key when shopping. If you can go in the middle of the week or during the day or evening, the chances are you may have the place mostly to yourselves. Worst day of the week: Saturday.

wedding-dress-shopping2. Dress Shop owners prefer that very small children remain at home. Crying children disrupts others and as dresses and other items in the store are fragile and sometimes expensive, children running about worry Shop owners; this many times add a level of frustration and pulls focus. It’s all about you, not your Maid of Honor’s 4-year old. Please remember to be respectful of the other Brides and their friends in the shop.

3. Do your research. Think on your venue. The flowers you like, formal or cocktail; your body type, color palette, etc. These are all important things to consider before shopping. If you can pull magazine photos to share with the dress shop specialist, it will help them assist you! You may not want a formal dress if you’re having a Sunday Brunch wedding, for example.

4. Consider bringing only your most trusted advisors. Your dress is your dress and it’s your opinion that truly matters. However, should you feel bringing 7 people is what you need, then please ask that your young ladies be positive and supportive. We want you to find the perfect gown and other people’s opinions are just that.

5. Fuel up! Be sure to eat the day of, so that you have the energy to get through the event. Driving all over the Valley will be tough when you’re hungry; keep the “crankies” at bay. Drink plenty of water. Consider having a dutch-lunch, breakfast or hosted brunch prior to your outing and make it a lovely and memorable event. Consider bringing bottled water and snacks; granola bars, a bag of veggies, or unsalted almonds are perfect! Don’t drink alcohol for 48-hours before shopping and lower your salt intake to avoid swelling.

6. Dress for the occasion! Multiple layers cause changing issues. Consider a sun dress and bring a couple of different styles of brassieres and shoes; maybe a pair or two of earrings.

7. Most Brides want to lose some weight prior to their wedding day; that’s fine. Please don’t spend time judging yourself and your weight. Need to lose 10 pounds, not a problem! It’s about the dress. Don’t go to that ‘poor me’ place. Have FUN!

8. If you’re an older bride or are on your 3rd or 4th marriage. . . consider something other than white (at least for a minute). Mix it up! Try Silver or Gold, tea length and stand out as a woman of a certain age.

9. You’re always welcome to return if need be. You don’t have to pick a gown that day. Mull; consider and make the best possible choice for the time of day, time of year, inside or outside ceremony and, your figure.

Copyright © 2011 – Mrs. Hancock & Amy Bacon. Reprinted with permission. Amy Bacon is the Wedding Division Head for Mrs. Hancock’s Inc., and has over 8 years of experience planning and coordinating weddings. Amy is consistently recognized for her excellent work ethic and dedication. Her strong communication and interpersonal skills easily wins her client’s confidence. Amy is diplomatic in difficult and stressful situations and is a resourceful problem solver; analyzing situations rapidly, making decisions and meeting demanding objectives. Visit their Website and Blog or call 602-762-1174.

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  1. Some good advice. I do have a few comments, as a planner and as someone who has been in that end of the industry-

    1. I strongly suggest bringing only one other person. If you find “the dress” there is plenty of time to bring others to ooh and aah over it. There isn’t room in most salons for a big party and it is VERY distracting to the bride and the consultant- as well as other brides shopping.

    2. As for size- no one sees the tag and bridal is very different than off the rack. Sizes are different and the fit is essential. It is easier to take a dress in than to let it out and you may or may not lose that 10 pounds. Also, if the dress has a beaded bottom or is lace, have a hollow to hem measurement taken. This requires the right heel height. It also saves you money at alteration time.

    3. I would not suggest bringing lots of shoes and jewelry. It is hard enough to find the dress without muddying up the waters with details. Again, there is plenty of time for that at fittings. The right clothes, having your hair done and you make up on are important. If you feel pretty, you will have a better sense of what you will look like. Wear underwear!! This is not a joke. I have seen brides go shopping with no underwear and it is embarrassing for everyone!

    4. Finally, while it is true that you can come back- when you know it is the dress- STOP!!! There will always be another dress that you like and they are all beautiful. But, this is not a game and the shops are running a business. Playing and wasting a consultant’s time is rude and it costs them money. Be respectful that the consultant is making a living, not playing dress ups with you. Besides, if you feel right in the dress and see yourself walking down the aisle in it- what are you waiting for?!

    Hope this is a help and a positive addition to the wonderful post.


    Comment by Wendy — Sunday, May 29, 2011 @ 9:08 am | Reply

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