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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Secrets From a Makeup Professional

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Victoria Rozich, Guest Author

What could be more important than looking and feeling your best on your wedding day? Sometimes, however, the stress of wedding planning can take a lot out of a girl and leave you feeling all sorts of blah rather than beautiful.

So much goes into the focus of the bride’s appearance for the big day. Every young girl imagines the dress, veil and hair as they are growing up. I love to go into antique stores and look at old wedding pictures. Despite the black and white picture or outdated clothes, the one place I am drawn to first is the bride’s face. Happy, youthful, pretty.

victoria1As a makeup artist, my focus is to make sure the viewer sees the emotions, not the makeup. I have drawn faces since I was 4 or 5; and observed them on city buses to and from school in Chicago for years. I came to the conclusion that no matter the fashion, the ethnicity, the age, beauty exudes from the face like a beam of light.

Some of it of course is the expression, but a makeup artist can change and improve the exterior- and as all pampered women will agree, when the exterior is pampered, that beam of light is brighter and more confident. It is in this spirit that I share with you some tips for preparing your face for the wedding day.

When should I start my bridal beauty routine? – A six-month countdown is recommended to make sure you look as radiant as possible on your wedding day. The bride-to-be should maintain a skincare regimen which should include, among other things, a monthly facial accompanied by lots of water to ensure the skin is hydrated. About six-months before your wedding begin to think about your jewelry, hair, face and final look of the veil. I recommend keeping those details in line with the “feel” of the event: elegant, modern, whimsical, winter, beach, urban, country… the list is endless.

When you interview your makeup artist you will want to find out the range of looks, types of events, see their pictures, and decide if you like this person. Your makeup artist will be with you and your family during the most exciting and intimate moments as you dress and prepare for the ceremony. I want to feel pure joy as I share this time with my brides and their families.

One way a bride can take care of herself is to work with someone about their skin. Radiant skin comes from good products, lots of water and less caffeine. Your makeup artist or dermatologist can advise you if you have reaccuring issues.

Some great tips for all brides and women to follow is:

If you are going to “tan”, do it on alternative days and moisturize after each session. Stop 4 or 5 days before the wedding day to let any red turn brown, and rehydrate throughly before the big day.

victoria2Spray tans or self-tanners should be tried a month or two in advance to see what color the skin “takes it as.” Never do it the night before, and always wash your hands throughtly with a sea salt in between fingers to avoid a streaky orange palm. White creamy skin is prettier than orange fake tan.

Never use retin A or strong resurfacing topical creams within 10 days of the wedding.

Facials and waxing (under arms), face, eyebrows, are better recommended 2 to 3 days before to allow for swelling, redness and bumps. Again if you never did these spa treatments before, experiment the month before to gage how the skin will respond. Some brides cry at their wedding (and some grooms do too), but even if you don’t think you’re the crying type, with so many waterproof products out there why take a chance? Use an eye shadow base to help prevent creasing of shadow.

You will want to have a trial a few weeks to a month before, so you can see how you and your artist “see” the day. Take photos to see how colors will look. If possible have your trial in the morning so you can see how it wears over the course of a 6-8 hour day. Let your artist know about any concerns, melting, absorbing, etc.

The day of your wedding come to your appointment with no makeup or old mascara on… just super clean.

Have your hair done first. Having your artist on location assures comfort, touch ups, freshness and just plain fun!

Afterwards make sure your artist has the portal to your wedding pictures online, or send them a photo. You may end up in an add or on a website! Never the less, you will be in your artist’s heart – as we think about you throughout the entire rest of your reception. I think of your face, and the happiness and confidence that shown throught your smile.

Larry’s Note: Booking a makeup artist for your wedding should be like booking any other vendor. There are questions you should ask to make sure that you have all the information before your big day. It also will help you decide before the trial if the artist is a good match for you. Ask to look at the artist’s portfolio, or check it out if it is available online. This will give you an idea as to what style of makeup your artist typically does and if she works with brides. Victoria serves the Greater Phoenix area and is high on my recommended list.

Victoria Rozich

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Copyright © 2011 – Victoria Rozich. Reprinted with permission. Victoria Rozich is the owner of Makeup by Victoria. She has been an Association of Bridal Consultants, Vendor Member since 1996. Victoria began applying makeup as a teen to friends, and worked as a makeup artist for cosmetics companies such as Trish McEvoy, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, and private label lines. She has common sense tips to promote long lasting makeup on your wedding day, a calm disposition, and is fun to be around. Visit her Website or call 480-518-4658.

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