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Monday, January 17, 2011

Check Wedding Vendor’s References. . . A Piece of Cake! Right?

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Never risk the possibility of ruining your special wedding day. It is very wise to always check references of wedding vendors before you sign on the dotted line! Make sure there is a well written contract in place and signed by both parties. It is important to know the quality of person that you are hiring for your special event.

In the real working world you wouldn’t hire someone to work for you without checking their references first, so why hire a vendor without checking references? Do your research on ALL wedding vendors.


Would you pay $250 for a cake from an amateur that looks like the “Leaning Tower of Pisa?”

Click here to view a special video report from Channel 12, Phoenix about the woes of one couple who should have gotten references from past clients and hired a professional. (Video opens in another browser window so you won’t lose your place).

According to “Piece of Cake Deserts” (Mesa, AZ) – Aside from a loophole in Tempe, AZ, Maricopa county does not allow home bakeries, yet 40+ new ones pop up every year. . . most are usually gone by the next year often leaving a bunch of upset brides in their wake.

There are some people out there who may have problems that cause them to run their business in an unethical manner. It is your job to find reputable vendors. You must do your research. Aways ask other wedding vendors if they know of a vendor you are considering. Vendors know that offering referrals to other vendors always reflects on their own reputation.

Most vendors require a down payment (often called a deposit) to secure the wedding date. Never hand over any money without a written contract – or at the very least, a receipt.

It’s overwhelming for many couples to consider the number of wedding vendors they have to hire to make their wedding day run smoothly. There are plenty of wedding vendors out there, but not just anyone will do.

My advice: Start looking for your wedding vendors at least 6 months to a year in advance! That way you won’t have to make any snap decisions that may cause to to say, “Opps!” It’s not like you plan a wedding every day. This is all probably brand new to you, so be patient with yourself.

There are many ways that a couple can find wedding vendors. First, the couple should look to their wedding planner to make suggestions. She or he will have worked with many vendors and know which ones are reliable. If the couple is not hiring a wedding planner, they can often rely on their friends and family members who recently got married to inform them about trustworthy vendors.

Before you begin looking for a wedding vendor. . . make a budget. Next, prioritize – if you’re foodies, for example, you might spend more on dinner and cut back on flowers. If you want a memorable, “romantic” wedding ceremony, call Larry James. 😉 The best amost always costs more, so plan ahead. You can always find something to cut back on to help you afford the best. Once you decide to hire a vendor, discuss all the details of the services you desire and be sure that the vendor is flexable enough to provide them.


Larry’s Note: Bad idea! Always hire a Pro! Piece of Cake makes “yummy” wedding cakes!

Perhaps the most important questions a couple should ask a wedding vendor is:

• How long has this vendor been in business and how many weddings have they worked?
• How many weddings do they work per year?
• Are they available for the specific rehearsal date (if any) and wedding date?
• How much are the services and how much is the deposit?
• When are the deposit and remaining balance due?
• Are there any additional fees?
• Can the vendor provide three references from couples they have worked with in the past?
• What is the vendor’s cancellation policy?

One final thought. . . Get wedding insurance. If you are planning a wedding (especially out of the country), get wedding insurance before you start planning the wedding. If a vendor goes under, you still have to find a new one (sadly you still have that hurdle to go thru) but the insurance will eventually pay for the cost to get a new one.

Video Source: A special “thank you” to Piece Of Cake Desserts, Mesa, AZ for alerting us to the video in this story.

Larry’s Note: I have a list of “Preferred Wedding Vendors” that I will offer upon request. I NEVER take money for giving a referral. I only recommend those whom I consider to be the most reputable and the very best. Phone calls only: 480-998-9411.

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