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Monday, December 20, 2010

Treat your Wedding Vendors with Love!

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You’ve had your big day! No unexpected hitches! Everything flowed smoothly. And hopefully a terrific honeymoon. What’s next?

Hmmm. Let’s see. Perhaps you should first jot out a few “thank you” notes for all the great gifts your guests gave you.

Here is a quick gift tip: To keep track of gifts, place the name, address and phone number of each guest on a 3 x 5 index card. Store the cards alphabetically. As you open your wedding gifts, list the gift information on the appropriate card. When it comes time to write your thank-you notes, all the information you’ll need will be at your finger tips.

Plan this one in advance: It is a common courtesy on your wedding day to make sure your wedding vendors are fed at the reception. You should expect to feed your photographers, videographers, DJ, Wedding Officiant/Minister, and musicians. Most caterers will usually ask you what provision you want to be made for these service providers during your wedding reception and will make some suggestions as to menus and seating arrangements.

Prior to the wedding day be sure to agree with the caterers and confirm to the individual service providers where they will eating at the reception. You will also be expected to bear the costs of drinks for the above mentioned wedding suppliers on your wedding day. Remember to invite your Minister/Officiant and his partner to the reception. He is usually seated at a reserved table with the parents of the Bride and Groom or nearby.

Some venues reserve a table at the reception for the vendors. It is not considered good wedding etiquette to seat your Minister at the vendor table. Request that your Minister be seated with the guests. This is a better idea and is a sign of respect. It allows your family and friends the opportunity to offer their “thank yous” for a job well done.

IMPORTANT: By the way, if the minister is invited to the reception and you have assigned seating, be sure to add the minister’s name to the guest list. (It’s embarrasing for the minister to have to ask where he should sit if you forget to have a place card with his name and table number on it.)

weddingtipMost likely you have already expressed your gratitude with a generous tip for their services. Other than the bride herself, it’s the wedding vendors that make a wedding truly beautiful and special. Wedding tips are commonly overlooked when couples set up their wedding budget. It is important to calculate as much as possible prior to your wedding how much you can afford to tip your wedding suppliers.

Next, how about taking a few minutes and writing a few “thank yous” (I call them Love Notes) to all the vendors that did their part to make your wedding a great success. Is this a “have to?” No, however it’s a nice gesture that tells them that you are grateful for their participation in your wedding.

Wedding professionals do a lot of behind-the-scene work that if done properly, most people won’t even notice. That fact by itself is a reason to send them a quick note of appreciation. But, what if your vendor went above-and-beyond what you would call exceptional service?

Want to know a secret? Wedding professionals LOVE testimonials! It is a great reminder of happy clients and let’s face it, it’ll help them book future clients.

One great way to show a wedding vendor some gratitude for their outstanding service at your wedding is to post some stellar reviews of them on some popular wedding vendor rating websites such as Wedding Wire, Project Weddings and other Wedding Websites. Unlike personal written thank-you notes, customer testimonials are a public recommendation to potential clients that a certain vendor is professional, reliable and newlywed approved.

These sites have become popular resources for planning couples that are trying to decide which vendors to choose and work with in their local area. Your online review and testimonial not only helps build their professional credentials, it creates an atmosphere of helping, support and guidance. Every planning bride would appreciate seeing more of that.

I frequently post these “Rave Reviews” on my Wedding Website at:

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