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Saturday, September 11, 2010

10 Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Photography

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Laura Segall, Guest Author

1. Tell the photographer what kind of photography you are drawn to. Are there particular photographers or artists that you love? Look through wedding and fashion magazines to get inspired. There are many different kinds of wedding photographers out there, such as traditional, photo journalistic and artistic. Communication is key, tell your photographer what you like and what you don’t like.

Laura Segall2. Make sure the photographer you meet with is the person who will be photographing your wedding. It is important to meet your wedding photographer to get a sense of their personality. You will be spending the majority of your wedding day with your photographer so you want to get along with them! If you are comfortable and relaxed around your photographer your pictures will look more natural.

3. Does the photographer use a contract? A signed contract protects both you and the photographer. The contract should include services the photographer will be providing, pricing, termination resolution terms, etc.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk to the photographer about customizing a package that best suits your specific needs. Most wedding photographers would be happy to create a package especially for you. Every couple is different, maybe you want a bridal portrait shoot instead of pictures at the rehearsal dinner, maybe you want to do a boudoir shoot as a gift for your fiancé instead of an engagement session- just ask!

5. Tell your wedding photographer who the VIPs are at your wedding. If there are special friends or family that you want photographed be sure to point them out to your photographer. Your wedding photographer is there to capture the most important people and moments of your wedding.

6. Give your photographer a list of portraits that you want taken on the day of the wedding. For those couples that don’t mind seeing each other before the wedding I highly recommend shooting all the portraits before the ceremony. By shooting the formal portraits before the ceremony you can relax and get to the party that much sooner!

laura2Remember to inform your friends and family to get to the ceremony early if you want them in some of the portraits. If you do not want to see each other before the ceremony you can shoot all of the separate bride and groom combinations and save the remaining portraits for after the ceremony, usually during the cocktail hour. Be sure the photographer has the list with on the day of the wedding so no one is forgotten!

7. Remember everything will take longer than you think it will! Allow for at least one hour for the formal portraits and possibly longer depending on the number of people involved.

8. Find out how long it will take for you to get your proofs and your album. Every photographer and photography studio has their own workflow and delivery schedule.

9. Book your photographer early. Unlike other wedding vendors a photographer only books one event per day. In Arizona there are certain weekends and times of year that are extremely popular. Once you find your perfect photographer don’t wait to book them!

10. Try not to stress out too much on your wedding day! This may seem obvious but the more relaxed and excited you are the better the pictures. Don’t sweat the small stuff, your wedding is going to be amazing not matter what happens. In the end it is all about you and your partner committing your life to each other.

NOTE: Photos by Laura Segall.

Here is a link to the excellent presentation Laura made at the Arizona state meeting of the Association of Bridal Consultants. Read: Tips for Taking Better Photos.

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Copyright © 2010 – Laura Segall Photography LLC. Reprinted with permission. Laura studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York. After graduating from college she worked for newspapers all over the country from Maine to Iowa. As a freelance photographer her work has been published in the New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, USA Today, Phoenix Magazine, The Washington Post as well as countless national and international publications. Visit Laura’s Wedding Website at: or her Photo Journalism Website:

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    Hilary LiDestri


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