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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Disposable Cameras for Your Reception

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cameraCardProviding wedding disposable cameras for guests to use at your reception is another exciting trend in the bridal industry. Not only is it a fun way for guests to get to know one another, but you will get unique photos of moments your photographer might miss. They are Inexpensive and easy-to-use.

Disposable cameras are sold with and without flash. Disposable cameras with flash are more expensive but necessary if your reception is going to be held indoors or in the evening. If you are planning a large reception, consider buying cameras with only 12 exposures. Otherwise, you may end up with too many photographs. For example, if 200 guests attend your reception and you seat 8 guests per table, you will need to purchase 25 cameras.

When you put a camera out on your reception tables, you should include instructions. How detailed you want to be depends on your expectations and your guests. Do you have certain shots you want them to get? Are most of your guests outgoing? This will depend on the kind of instructions you give.

tablecameraIf you want to make your instructions more fun for your guests, you could give each table a “mission” that ties in with their table name or number. No matter what assignment you give your tables, make sure to mention that the camera should be passed around to different people. Wedding cameras do not have to be anything fancy. You can use disposable cameras found at any discount or drug store.

While the professional photographer is busy doing his job of photographing the bride and groom’s first dance, the cutting of the cake, the throwing of the garter and many other traditions, there are many interesting things going on with the guests that the photographer never gets to shoot.

How2TakePhotosUse card stock to make a card that says: “Camera Scavenger Hunt:” I am your camera, so scavenge around. Hunt for those pictures that need to be found, Shoot away and complete the list, Find moments that the Photographer may have missed. Snap away as best as you’re able, Then leave me here right at your table.” Here is the list to scavenge for:

• Group Photo of everyone at your table
• Photo of each family or couple
• Bride and Groom holding hands
• Groom watching Bride from a distance
• Groom and Groomsmen
• Groom and Bride Laughing
• Wedding cake
• Groom, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
• Use your imagination

Have your band or disc Jockey make an announcement reminding guests to take pictures. While many guests will likely grab the camera soon after arriving at the table, some guests may be wary of picking up the camera and need a little nudging.

Not all the photos will be great. In fact, some will be strange and, sometimes, even lewd. While this might be upsetting at first, try to find humor in the unexpected photos.

The Fugi Instax™ Mini is great for instant photos (similar to a Polaroid™ camera) provided you have someone designated to be responsible for making sure the children never get their hands on this camera. It spits out an instant photo about the size of a credit card. The photos can be added to a photo album at the reception for all to enjoy.

Caveat: Avoid putting the cameras within reach of children who are invited to your wedding. If a kid gets hold of a disposable camera, you probably won’t get the kinds of images you’re looking for. Have your disc Jockey caution the guests to allow children to use the cameras with parental supervision.

For wedding guests who have brought their own camers you might include a poem and leave it on the reception tables:

To those who brought cameras, there’s a special request,
Take plenty of pictures of the worst and the best,
There’s one more favor to add, before we forget,
Please e-mail them to us after we’ve wed,
See we’re counting on your kind-hearted affection,
To add to our expanding wedding collection.

If your budget is small and you must decide between disposable cameras or a professional photographer, ALWAYS choose a professional photographer! You can always leave notes on the reception tables asking your friends to share their photos on a share site like or for free.

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NOTE: A special “Thank you” to Jocelyn & Seth Levine for the idea about giving instructions to the guests about the cameras. I performed their wedding ceremony at Sassi Ristorante, Scottsdale, on Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 6 p.m.

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