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Monday, August 2, 2010

Make a Statement with a Grand Entrance to Your Reception

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motorcycleentWoW! guests with an over-the-top display when they arrive at your reception! First impressions are everything – so make it perfect! Plan a dazzling “ta-da” entrance! Don’t Just enter, MAKE an entrance! Score major WOW points with your guests!

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. It symbolizes a new period in the bride and groom’s life. Since most newlyweds are unaccustomed to making “formal appearances” or “formal entries,” many couples are unaware or unprepared to take full advantage of this special moment – the opportunity the Grand Entrance presents to themselves the shining stars of the evening!

For a few precious hours, your guests will celebrate your marriage and share in a fabulous wedding feast and party. Be creative in your approach. Craving some humor? Put some sunglasses on the bridal party as they enter.

This is your time to make a splash. A little bit of a dramatic flair never hurt anyone. If the two of you are a lively couple and want to descend on the reception in a way that your guests will talk about for weeks there are options. How you do it is up to you.

jersyentranceTraditionally the order of entrance goes as follows.

1. Parents of the Bride
2. Parents of the Groom
3. Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
4. Bridesmaids & Ushers
5. Maid/Matron of Honor & Best Man
6. Bride & Groom

The Grand Entrance sets the tone and establishes the energy for the entire reception so music selection is important. Compositions that sound like royalty such as Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” or the Chicago Bulls’ theme song, or the “Imperial Star Wars March” really put the “grand” feeling in your entrance. These days, making a grand entrance is becoming quite a trend – a good one too since it creates really cool photo ops.

grandentranceHere are a few ways to make your grand entrance as memorable as possible.

Once unique way is the Grand March. The emcee only introduces the Bride and Groom. Don’t introduce each member of the bridal party or your parents. Simply find a song that you like, have the deejay or emcee bring up the volume, and have all of you march in procession into the room. Next, the wedding couple march right out onto the dance floor and into your first dance after the Grand March.

The photo (left) is from a past issue of “The Brides of Oklahoma” magazine. It featured a bride who transformed a warehouse in Guymon, Oklahoma into a breathtaking reception site. From the turquoise and chocolate brown Chinese lanterns and crystal chandeliers to the tables draped in rich chocolate velvet tablecloths, this bride definitely made a grand statement! Notice the elegant double seat for the Bride and Groom. That’s class! That’s making a “statement!” Images captured by Shannon Ho Photography.

entranceA few more ideas: Let your wedding party go into the reception and start the party. Only you and your groom will be introduced into the wedding reception. It’s quick, clean and easy.

A firefighter groom may get a standing ovation if he brings the bride in over his shoulder in the glare of a red spotlight.

A theatrical entrance should look for a venue that allows the couple to come up out of the floor on a stage in the rising mist of a fog machine.

bridecarryinggroomA joyous church choir can sing and stomp to a beat as you dance your way through an arch of colorful balloons. Renting an old roller rink can enable you to skate in to music and entertain the crowd with a rolling routine sure to surprise your family and friends.

Have a high school marching band play march music while the wedding party and the Bride and Groom make their entrance.

How about the Bride and Groom arriving on a white horse or on the back of your husband’s motorcycle, in the passenger’s seat of your dad’s antique car or on a bicycle built for two. One couple had the groomsmen bring them in on a rickshaw. (Image (above) courtesy of Planning

Couples have hired “court jesters,” “jugglers,” “clowns” and “dancers” to lighten the mood, carry on the renaissance theme, and personalize their wedding reception in a unique way.

For a little fun, try rolling in on roller blades, or a bike. You can piggyback your groom or have him carry you in over his shoulder. Some couples like to cartwheel in or do flips as they start off their new life together.

A Mariachi band would be a fun addition to the dinner hour if the newlyweds have Mexican heritage. If you ancestors hailed from Italy, have several violinists wander through the cocktail hour or the dinner portion of the reception. Or honor your Scottish background with a bagpiper announcing your grand entrance to the party instead of just the bandleader. For a wedding with a Celtic theme, let a line of River Dancers enchant your guests with their steps. In fact, any of these musical additions would be wonderful for a wedding even if the couple did not come from those cultural tradition.


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