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Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey Guys! Surprise Your Wife on Your Anniversary!

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Anniversary coming up soon? (Opps! Almost forgot, eh?) Don’t know what to get your wife to truly express the love you have for her?

First things first. The most important thing about anniversaries, guys, is to remember them! Anniversaries come and go but the main intention should be to rekindle the love you have for each other.

Here’s a great idea! Wedding anniversaries are very special events. This time really celebrate your marital milestone! Surprise her with a “Renewal of Vows Ceremony!

Hot Air balloon KISSSeveral years ago the Connoisseur at The Boulders Resort, Scottsdale, called to say that a husband from Las Vegas wanted to have me perform my Renewal of Vows Ceremony in a hot air balloon as a surprise to the wife. We met at 5:30 a.m. (YES… a.m.!!) at Deer Valley Airport where Hot Air Expeditions (Phoenix) took us to the lift-off site. The wife thought I was just another passenger.

At about 4,100 feet, with their backs to me, I heard him say, “Isn’t this romantic? Would you marry me again?” I took my tourist hat off and the Captain handed me my notes. She replied, “In a New York minute!” He gave her a kiss and said, “Why don’t we renew our vows right now?” as he turned her around to see me standing on the other side of the balloon basket ready to perform the ceremony.

You should have seen the look on her face. Talk about surprised! I added a part to the ceremony where the husband said a few words of his own to his wife. She experienced about every emotion you can imagine. After that, the Captain handed me two long-stem red rose buds which I presented to them as part of the ceremony. It was one of the most romantic surprises I have had the pleasure to be involved in.

kirshnerThe husband (Dan Kirshner) of a couple that I married five years ago called recently to ask me to perform my Renewal of Vows Ceremony for them as a surprise to his wife, Brianna. We met at Sassi Ristorante, Scottsdale. His wife knew that they would be having dinner for their anniversary but she didn’t know that I would be waiting to greet them in the bar. When they walked into the bar, at first the husband pretended to be surprised to see me there.

While we were greeting each other I said to the wife, “Happy Anniversary!” She was surprised when her husband told her that it was no accident, that I was there to perform a 5-year Renewal of Vows Ceremony. I had married them at Sassi Ristorante almost exactly 5 years earlier. After the ceremony we met in the bar and I had set it up with the singer to sing the song that was their “first dance” at their wedding – “At Last.” Everyone in the bar applauded and a few came over to say congratulations. More photos on Facebook.

Diana & Todd AndersonRecently another very smart husband (Todd Anderson) called to hire me to preform a Renewal of Vows Ceremony for he and his wife. They invited a few close friends to a local resort for the ceremony. I met with both the husband and the wife to customize the words of the ceremony especially for them.

On June 19, 2010, Diana and Todd Anderson celebrated their 10th Wedding Anniversary with a “Renewal of Vows” ceremony at the Orange Tree Golf Resort, Scottsdale. As a surprise to Diana, after Todd made his Personal Promises of renewal, he dropped to his knees and asked Diana to marry him again. He then presented her with a new wedding ring! More photos on Facebook.

Throw a surprise anniversary party! Ask a close friend to host the party at their home. An advantage is that you won’t have the stress of planning the party. Have them send invitations to all your friends and you and your wife. She will think it’s just another party. After everyone arrives, surprise your wife by having the Officiant show up after everyone gets there. Have the host invite everyone to gather on the back patio. When everyone is on the patio, have your friend invite you and your wife to come forward and have everyone sing, “Happy Anniversary to you!” Meanwhile the minister comes forward while you announce that you have a very special surprise for your wife. . . a Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

BONUS Article: Read, “Ideas for Renewing Your Vows!”

A couple of other ideas:

anniversarybillboardHire a billboard in a prime location and advertise your love for your wife on your anniversary. Then arrange an outing that takes you and your wife past the billboard.

If you haven’t written a lengthy love letter to your man for a long time, your anniversary is the ideal opportunity to compose one. Do not send it by e-mail (boo, hiss!). Old-fashioned love letters have never lost their romantic appeal. Take some time to sit down and think of the ways your sweetheart is special to you. You may not want to do this in one sitting. Take your time. Write. Edit. Write. Edit, until it’s exactly what you want to say. Put it in writing and send it by “Priority Mail” to her office or home. You may want to have one “I Love You!” long-stem, red rose delivered with a note.

Read what others have done to surprise their partners on their anniversary.

NOTE: Photo (upper right) is of Brianna & Dan Kirshner @ Sassi Ristorante, Scottsdale.


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  1. A few years ago I surprised my wife by asking a movie theater operator if I could rent a theater room after the last movie. I had made a DVD with pictures, video and background music of our 23 years together. We went out to dinner and afterwards I took her to the theater. We walked right past the ticket counter and into the corridor where all the theater doors are. She kept asking me “What are we doing?” and I kept telling her “You don’t need to know everything”. We came to a theater where the marque said “Happy anniversary Mick and Debbie”.
    We walked inside and sat front and center. As we sat down the projectionist began to show my DVD on the big screen. She cried with joy just as I had hoped. Then next came her favorite movie. Dirty Dancing, I had given the DVDs to the projectionist the week before. So there we sat with the theater all to ourselves soaking in her favorite movie. It was pretty cool.


    Comment by Mick — Saturday, November 16, 2013 @ 9:00 am | Reply

    • Mick ~ Most women LOVE surprises. Especially those that require their husband to “think and plan” ahead! What a terrific surprise. She will do well to hold on to you! 😉


      Comment by Larry James — Saturday, November 16, 2013 @ 7:23 pm | Reply

      • Thanks!! our 27th anniversary is coming up on Dec 20 and I wish I could think up another surprise for her. About 15 years ago our son (then 9 years old) was hit by a semi while riding his bike. He spent 13 weeks in the hospital and was still in a coma when we brought him home. He is now 25 but has the mind of a small child and is wheelchair bound. My wife takes care of him day in and day out. I help when I get home from work but she doesn’t get a day off from her duties. She’s an amazing wife and mother. I really need to cook up a plan to show how much I appreciate her tireless devotion. I’m thinking hard but, I got nuthin. Any ideas??


        Comment by Mick — Tuesday, November 19, 2013 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

        • Hey, Mick! Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about your son. I’m thinking that a nice idea might be to hire a trusted friend to come in to take over your wife’s care taking duties for a day and have them stay over for a night or maybe even for a weekend. Choose a classy resort and book a night or weekend there. No cell phones, iPad, etc., Your FULL attention should be on her. Have the concierge arrange to have a dozen red roses on her pillow. Take her out for a delicious dinner. Write her a letter (in your own handwriting) telling her how much you love her and appreciate her dedication to your family. Include 27 things that you love most about her. When you return to the hotel, light a few candles, chill her favorite beverage, play some music and when you are all comfy, read the letter to her.

          Read: Ways to Relight the Flame of Love

          Google “Anniversary ideas” and see what else you can find. Use your imagination. You should know by now what she likes, give her more of that. I wish you both the best!


          Comment by Larry James — Tuesday, November 19, 2013 @ 8:06 pm | Reply

  2. I am planning to re-drive our Wedding trip from Florida to Schroon Lake New York. We were married 45 years this past July 9th 2011. I have found many of the Inns we were at in 1966 are still open in Georgia, North Carolina New Jersey, and Mass. We were at Word of Life four days in 1966. We were on vacation in 1996 in New England in the Fall and we made a day trip to Word of Life from Greenfield Mass, my home town. We have pictures of both visits to Word Of Life. Dennis Seymour 1780 Curry Ave Deltona Lakes, Florida 32738-4180


    Comment by Dennis Seymour — Tuesday, November 15, 2011 @ 7:28 pm | Reply

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