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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bridal Bouquet – What Style is Right for You?

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Sherri Lucero, Guest Author –

Wedding bouquets just like the bride’s gown come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes, each having it’s own personality. As a bride you need to think of your bouquet as an accessory to your wedding day attire. When visiting with your floral designer be sure to keep your wedding gown’s style, color and embellishments in mind when speaking about the design of your bouquet.

If you have a favorite flower, mention that to your florist, consider bringing along photos clipped from a magazine for design inspiration. If possible, be sure to bring along a photo and fabric swatch of your gown to your first consultation, this will give the florist a clearer picture of your personal style.

bouguet1Classic Hand-Tied Bouquet – This style bouquet is by far one of the most popular types of bridal bouquets. Consisting of either a single flower variety for impact or a grouping of flowers arranged for a more “just picked from the garden” feel, the stems are stripped of all foliage and tied with a ribbon, leaving the stems exposed.

The advantage to this type of bouquet for brides here in Arizona is the extreme heat can quickly ruin the most beautiful bouquet. With the stems exposed your bouquet can be left in a vase of water, keeping your flowers hydrated for as long as possible.

With hand-tieds being the most popular bouquet, if you would like to add a little flair, speak with your florist about adding some interest to your bouquet by adding feathers, crystals, a unique stem wrap, brooch or buckle to your stems as showcased in this head turner created by Tamara at Petal Pushers. Isn’t it gorgeous!

bouguet2Cascade Bouquet – This style bouquet may also be referred to as a waterfall, teardrop or trail bouquet. The flowers are arranged in a hand held base, rounder at the
top and gracefully “spilling” out over the bride’s hands and downward to a point.

Made popular in the 1920’s these bouquets could be quite large! Fortunately, today’s cascade bouquets have taken on a more sophisticated and stylized version.

This cascade bouquet was designed by Jacque Dearing, owner of Endearing Floral Design. Consisting of a variety of colors, the flowers along with that touch of ivy, gave our bride the traditional bouquet she dreamed of.

bouguet3Arm Sheaf or Presentation Bouquet – Typically seen in a more modern styled wedding, this type of bouquet is comprised of long stemmed flowers and is cradled in the arm.

The most popular flower for a presentation bouquet, would be the very elegant Calla Lily as seen here in this beautiful bouquet designed by Shawna & Kevin Reed of Your Event Florist. This bouquet paired with a sheath gown, chandelier earrings and you have an absolutely stunning ensemble!

bouguet4Posy Bouquet – A small, rounded bouquet, that can easily be held in one hand. The posy typically consists of smaller flowers that can be wired or tied tightly together by their stems and then wrapped with a ribbon.

This simple, yet elegant bouquet of Lily of the Valley was created by Artistic Surroundings. If Lily of the Valley is one of your favorites, this is the perfect bouquet style for you. This flower is very fragrant and somewhat on the pricey side. But you know what they say about good things come in small packages!

Although, this style of bouquet is not quite as popular for the bride, it is gaining in popularity for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom, who do not want to wear a corsage.

We’ve only talked about a few of the different styles of wedding bouquets, if you are wanting something different from the norm, ask your floral designer about a beidermeier or a crescent bouquet, if you are having a winter wedding, check into a muff bouquet or for the princess bride ask about a sceptor bouquet.

Whatever your choice, be sure your bridal bouquet not only complements your gown but be sure it reflects your personality.

What style bouquet are you incorporating into your wedding day ensemble?

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