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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tips for a Wedding on the Beach

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Nicola Ray, Guest Author

NOTE: If you’re getting married on a beach, here are some quick beach wedding tips to help you. These tips were sent in by Hayley Carter, who recently got married on the beach at beautiful Bryon Bay in Australia.

1. Check the times of the tide. This is very important because if you book a wedding at high tide, it isn’t going to happen! So find out the local high tide times and work around them.

beach wedding2. Bear in mind the sea breeze when you’re considering your hairstyle. Unless the beach is very sheltered, wearing your hair down is not a good idea!

3. Don’t leave people waiting. If the guests are standing in direct heat, they’re likely to get very uncomfortable very quickly. If you can, make sure there’s some shade nearby.

4. Check access to the beach if you have any elderly guests who may struggle to walk far on the sand.

5. Ask the celebrant (Officiant or Minister) to consider using a PA system if they aren’t planning to, especially for larger crowds. The sea breeze and sound of the ocean can make it difficult for people to hear.

6. Arrange for the reception venue to have towels available to wipe sand off guest’s feet.

7. Take your vows with your back to the ocean, so your guests can take in the view of you as well as the beautiful scenery.

8. Go barefoot – you don’t want to be carrying your shoes as well as your flowers, and it’s more authentic!

9. Wear lots of sunscreen – you’ll still get burnt, wedding or not! Pick an oil free cream or spray so you don’t look greasy in your photos and it doesn’t leave marks on your dress!

10. Have a back up plan in case it rains – you may think it is all part of getting married in the natural elements, but will your guests be concentrating on your wedding if they are getting wet?

beachweddingsFinally, the best beach wedding tip is to relax. The whole point of a beach wedding is to be informal and go with the flow!

NOTE from Larry James: I often perform my “romantic” wedding ceremony on the beach in Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), Mexico. Weddings in Rocky Point usually need to be booked 6 to 9 months in advance. For details, click here. Rocky Point weddings need to be booked 6 to 9 months in advance because of my busy schedule. They are very difficult to book during the busiest wedding months in AZ (March & April and October & November). The photo of the couple on the beach was taken by me at the wedding of Suzanne Richmond and Scott Steinmann in Rocky Point. For more photos of beach weddings in Rocky Point, click here and here!

NOTE #2 from Larry James: Even if you don’t live near the ocean you can bring a flavor of the beach to your wedding. What says romance more than the beauty, sounds and colors of the beach. put together a do-it-yourself page featuring beach themed wedding favors, wedding invitation tutorial and lots of ideas for centerpieces and decorations.

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