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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Perception of a Wedding Disc Jockey: The Myths & The Truth

Tony Laub, Guest Author –

The public’s perception of a Disc Jockey is much different than that of a wedding photographer, caterer or any other wedding vendor.

Dispelling the myth of a Disc Jockey takes some effort.

Common beliefs:

• Disc Jockey only plays music
• Disc Jockey is an entry-level job, so no experience is necessary.
• Disc Jockey job is fun. If it’s fun, it shouldn’t be paid for.
• Disc Jockey job is easy. If it’s easy it should be paid for.
• Disc Jockey doesn’t really deserve any respect, he/she is not really that important.
• Disc Jockey should never cost more than $500 to $600.
• Disc Jockey only works on the weekend as a hobby.
• Disc Jockey is not a profession.
• It is not that important where the Disc Jockey sets up.

All Disc Jockeys are not the same. The differences lie in the services and experience.

Party Disc Jockey vs. Wedding Disc Jockey

Party Disc Jockey

• Limited music knowledge
• Rarely speaks on the microphone
• Talks more about their equipment
• Might do a friend’s wedding and instantly “Knight” themselves a “Wedding Disc Jockey”

Wedding Disc Jockey

• Entertainer
• Vast Music knowledge
• Commanding presence on the microphone
• Crowd/Guest Motivator
• Master Of Ceremonies
• Reception/Event Planner
• On-Site Coordinator
• Referral Services
• Music programmer
• Director of Ceremony music and procession
• Director of Grand Entrance, Wedding Toast/Speeches, Specialty Dances and Reception/Events

There is a reason why a budget price Disc Jockey is a low price Disc Jockey. If they “could” demand a higher price for the quality of their show, they would!

An Entertainment/Disc Jockey is a “Talent-Based” service… not a commodity.

You will pay more for a Disc Jockey that is “Owner/Operator” because you are getting a premium performer.

If our services were the same as every other Disc Jockey, then you would be looking for the lowest price. “Sound-Pro Entertainment” bases our price on the value we provide to you, not on anyone’s preconceived idea of what a wedding Disc Jockey should be. “A fair price is always equal to the services rendered.”

Professional Wedding Disc Jockeys Don’t Disclose Price Over The Phone!

When I get a an inquiry on the phone or email, the first thing out of a bride’s mouth is, “How much do you charge?”

That’s understandable. A bride may not know the difference between a Disc Jockey, photgrapher or a wedding cake baker, especially when it comes to planning a wedding.

A Wedding Disc Jockey is different than most wedding vendors because what we sell is talent. And you can’t show a package of talent to a bride.

If a “Wedding Disc Jockey” (and I use the term loosely) advertises prices on their website or freely gives out prices over the phone, that can only mean one thing.

They are “cookie cutting” their weddings, which means, they aren’t customizing each wedding. Each wedding will be the same as the one before, which means your wedding will be just like last weeks and the week before. I suppose if you don’t care much about personalized service then the standard run-of-the-mill wedding reception is perfect for you.

Most brides I meet don’t subscribe to that thinking.

Most brides take pride in their wedding day and DO want a personalized, custom wedding that represents their personality.

What makes a great wedding Disc Jockey/Entertainer? The services they provide and the time they take to meet with you.

tonylaubCopyright 2010 – Tony Laub. Tony Laub is a native of Arizona and has been in the entertainment business since 1981. He is an experienced Disc Jockey & Emcee in the arena of wedding ceremonies & receptions, fashion shows, corporate events, & private parties. –

Special Note: If you want a PRO, hire Tony Laub. I’ve worked with Tony Laub many times and he delivers a professional, quality show from beginning to end. Tony is a DJ & Wedding Entertainment Director. He is the owner of Sound Pro Entertainment. – 5 Stars from Larry James!

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  2. I’m sick of the $250 do it all DJ. They bid every job for the same price and advertise a full lights and sound show when they have very few lights. Even tho these guys know a lot of past music I think they lack in there modern music knowledge. I agree that every show… wedding or any other show, needs a DJ that will customize the show to each events needs.


    Comment by Shannon — Tuesday, September 20, 2011 @ 10:31 am | Reply

  3. I agree with you 100% when you are talking about a regular DJ verses a wedding DJ. I too believe that a wedding should be special. After all if done right, it only happens once. I have written hubs and articles that are very similar to yours and wish that brides and grooms would take more pride in who they hire to be their master of ceremonies. It is good to hear that there are others that believe the same way. I myself am a owner operator and would love to talk with you to see if you would be a good fit for me to send overflow business to as well as having you return the favor? Thanks Tony


    Comment by shanesdjservice — Tuesday, February 23, 2010 @ 1:27 am | Reply

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