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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Size Does NOT Matter. . . or Does it?

Choosing your engagement and wedding rings can be a very exciting time in your life. It is not just a piece of jewelry but it is a symbol of commitment, love and promise that you will wear for a very long time. You’ll want to show off your rings to their friends like a trophy.

Remember – It’s all about the bling! Get the rock right, and you’ve got a family heirloom.

Some couples choose to have a personal message engraved on the inner part of their rings as a perpetual reminder of their love.

Tradition holds that the man buys the ring for his bride and the bride for her groom.

A diamond engagement ring is an everlasting symbol of commitment. It is a token of love; a pledge and a promise to be together forever.

weddingringsThe wedding ring ideally should compliment the engagement ring; a ring that looks like it was always meant to be with your engagement ring. Purchasing your engagement ring and your wedding ring at the same time may solve this problem. You’ll save almost half if you buy a coordinating set or trio (engagement ring, your wedding band and his wedding band.)

It is never wise to choose a diamond ring based on size alone. Diamonds are typically classified by their carat weight such as ½ carat, ¾ carat, 1 carat, 1 ½ carat and so on. Typically people go with the biggest that they can afford and anything over ¾ carat tends to be quite expensive. Often a larger diamond possesses lesser value than a smaller one of higher clarity.

It is important to do lot of homework on diamonds. Focus on the 4 Cs. Here are some things to consider:

Clarity: Diamond clarity is important. Ideally you want zero inclusions in your diamond. The more it costs, the more inclusions you’ll be willing to live with. Diamond color clarity has a big effect on price. This has to do with being flawless. The closer to flawless it is the more brilliant it is and the more expensive.

Color: Until a stone crosses over to lots of color such as yellow, the more colorless it is the better and more expensive.

Cut: The cut is how the diamond is faceted. Look at all the different cuts and find the one you love.

Carat: Diamonds are measured in carat weight. The bigger ones of course are more expensive.

Shape: Oval, Round, Square, Emerald, Princess, Marquis and Pear are some shapes to consider.

Determine Your Budget – When a guy’s shopping for an engagement ring, salespeople often are pretty sneaky – they make him think that the amount of his love is tied to how much he spends on a ring. Figure out how much you can afford to spend before you step foot in a store or go online. The standard rule is two months salary, however this is also a rule that the diamond industry created. However it’s still a decent place to start, but then figure out your personal budget.

Many couples make the mistake of adjusting their budgets to accommodate the price of the rings. It should be the other way around. Shop for the most attractive and suitable rings that fit comfortably within your budget.

Ask for a stone with more surface area. It won’t sparkle quite as much but it will look bigger. Ask for stones that are slightly less than the next carat (0.8 instead of 1 or 1.9 instead of 2) – the almost indiscernible difference can add up to big savings.

What size diamond ring should I buy? What is an good diamond ring carat size? Platinum or gold? The choices are endless. This is the weight of the loose diamond, one carat = 200 mg. Ask for the exact carat weight. You don’t want to hear “It’s about a carat”. It’s either 1.0 carat, or it’s not.
The American Gem Society (AGS) says diamond cut is so important to the value of diamonds that it can affect it by 25% to 50%. Most grooms buy a round brilliant diamond cut. There is also the emerald cut diamond, the asscher cut diamond, the marquise diamond looks like football or egg, then there’s the ideal cut diamond, a form of round diamond, and the brilliant cut diamond. The princess cut diamond ring is another popular cut. Which one should you get? That’s up to you.

Beware of jewelers pushing larger rings at higher prices. Make sure you personally inspect the diamond under a gemscope to ensure there are only slight inclusions.

Is it real or is it Synthetic Moissanite? Synthetic Moissanite diamonds (silicon carbide) gained widespread use in 1999. These fake diamonds are so good that standard diamond jeweler thermal conduction testers cannot detect them. Moissanite rings sell for nearly as much as real loose diamonds, further confusing diamond engagement ring buyers, so be sure to ask the question.

Of course, simple gold bands are the least expensive. They can run from $125 to $400 (or more) each. They are also classic and elegant. If you want white metal, opt for white gold. Platinum is almost double the price.

If you really want something more make a plan. Start saving now and decide to upgrade your wedding rings on your fifth anniversary or tenth anniversary. Maybe you could plan to have Larry James renew your vows then too!

Do not buy a diamond without an independent diamond-grading report from the GIA or the American Gem Society. It should include the 4 c’s of color, cut, clarity and carat, as well as the shape and size. Remember to get the ring insured.

Shopping online may save you money, but make sure you pick a secure site with great customer service. Check with the Better Business Bureau before you buy.

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