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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wedding Planners: Friend or Foe?

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Valerie Bolitho, Guest Author

You finally met your match. You might have met your true love on a love dot com dating site or passing through on an elevator. Now it’s time to make sure everyone knows this is serious. Of course, you say ‘yes’ and the planning begins, which is where you begin to wonder where to start?

You could spend your time during lunch breaks, weekends, after work, and taking your sweetheart around to all the fun venues as part of your planning. But be honest, you might not have the time needed to plan a wedding, and it’s THE day to be remembered forever.valerie

What does your wedding day look like in your mind? The real questions are: How do you get in touch with the best vendors? How do you still have your dream wedding with a budget in today’s economy? How do you arrive on your wedding day without family tears and frustration? Have you started to think about the budget for your wedding?

All of these thoughts seem overwhelming, right? Have you considered a wedding planner? For many brides, the thought of letting someone else control their day is unmentionable. You might know exactly what you want, plus, some believe a wedding planner will cost you money in which you did not originally budget for. Here are some truths you should consider.

Friend: A wedding planner is an expert at weddings much like a dentist is an expert with teeth. They know the remedy for all your ailments and setup a plan or remedy. It’s easier to imagine a painless day especially on your wedding day when you have everything planned out.

Friend: I’m sure you don’t plan on spending close to 200 hours researching venues, caterers, florists, photographers, and really the vendor list goes on. Truly, no one wants to spend all their days finding vendors and finding the wrong ones. A wedding planner has a network of reputable professionals in their trade readily at their fingertips.

Friend: The cost of a typical wedding is about $25,000 and this doesn’t include your honeymoon. A planner can help establish your budget, including the cost of a wedding planner, and network with other vendor’s part of the Association of Bridal Consultants ( to get an affordable vacation spot.

A wedding planner is your friend on the most important day of your life. Today’s economy only helps shape the perception of your reality and what you can afford. Let the expert help you plan your day that captures the best moments of your life.


Copyright © 2009 – Valerie Bolitho. Valerie Bolitho is the owner of Blueprint Affairs, Wedding & Event Planning. As a wedding planner, she can assist with everything from day-of-event coordination to full wedding planning. With attention to detail and never settling for anything short of your vision, Blueprint Affairs strives for excellence and will truly make your event one to remember. At Blueprint Affairs, Your Vision is Our Blueprint. Visit them online at


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