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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Money Saving Tips to Help with Your Wedding Budget

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boojumtree2Natasha Miller, Guest Author

Decide what is most important to you and your fiancé. It is common to hear brides say, “He doesn’t care about the details.” Have you asked him if there is a certain thing that is truly important to him? Well you should. You may be surprised! This simple question will help you know to which you should target your budget.

The guest list: make a few decisions first:

1. What number of guests do you feel would be too many?
2. Kids – Yay or Nay?
3. Do both of your parents get to make a list?

Then both the bride and the groom make three lists. List one, the must attend list (immediate family and close friends), list two, people you would like there (extended family, other friends and coworkers) and list three, it would be nice but not heart breaking if they weren’t invited.

Also have this in mind, fewer guests means less food for the caterer, less alcohol for the bar, less favors, less tables for dinner, in conclusion LESS.

You may also want to think of a smaller bridal party. Fewer people standing equals fewer gifts to buy.

Pass on some of the smaller more pricey details: you might notice them but your guests probably won’t. Or if they do notice them, they wouldn’t get the recognition that they deserved for how much was spent on them.

When choosing your invitation, take in consideration the size and shape (postage on some envelope sizes costs more). Also keep in mind the heavier the paper, the heavier the total package will be, which also means more postage.

When selecting your flowers, think of substituting for less expensive choices. Such as flowers that are in season opposed to the flowers that will have to be special ordered. There are some fabulous flowers that are in your wedding colors that will cost you half as much as the ones you may have had your eye on.

When ordering your cake you do not need to have a cake that will feed your entire wedding. Some people do not eat cake and some will have left by then. Wedding cakes are not cheap, so you may even go with a smaller decorated cake and some pre cut sheet cakes in the back. Again no one will notice this detail.

There is always at least one toast at a wedding and it is tradition to have champagne for that. However, most people do not like champagne or like to mix different types of alcohol so you may consider having champagne available at the bar but let your guests choose if they want that or what they are already have in their hand.

Favors: If you would throw it away so would they! Fabulous ideas for favors are ones that they can use or eat, giving money in their name to a charity or for fun give them lotto scratchers.

Selecting a site for your dream day: Pick a place that already is beautiful. A place where you don’t have to get flowers and decoration, and if you do this you are already saving money!

Time to say goodbye, choose a smaller get away car. A fully loaded limo may be sweet but its cost, not so much.

Your comments are always welcome!


Copyright © 2009 – Natasha Miller. The Boojum Tree’s Hidden Gardens is Arizona’s most unique and exotic wedding, reception and corporate event destination. While you enjoy your stroll through their property, you’ll be in awe of the thousands of tropical plants, multiple water features and our new Palm Forest. Visit the The Boojum Tree’s Hidden Gardens.

NOTE from Larry James: Tasha is fun to work with, is very detail oriented and is one of the best venue coordinators for weddings in the Greater Phoenix area. The Boojum Tree’s Hidden Gardens is one of my favorite wedding venues.


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